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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HoKuSPoKuS420, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Hey People, First I'd like to say Ive been reading up on growing for the past month or two, Can't remember. Decided it was my time to try! I have 2 friends who are gonna help, I've Drawn out the plans and What not to the grow box, and have a pretty good idea what kind of things (Lighting, Buckets, Fans Ex.) We'll Be using.

    I have an extra room upstairs (attic) I'd like to build a decent size box to where i can get about 4 plants in their Comfortably.

    *Dimensions of Box: (LxWxH)

    4'2" x 4'5" x 5'6"

    There will be a whole in the Right side close to the bottom about a foot up. for a Fan. Also a hole in the left side about 1 foot above the hole on the right side for a exhaust setup for hot air to be taken outside.

    -I want to get a 400 Watt HPS white reflector system seen em for $90 from insidesun.com
    Q: Is starting at 24/0 or 24/7 (same thing) Good or should i start at 18/6 ??

    -Plan on just using regular bagged soil

    -Want to use Miracle grow once a week if needed.

    -Vegie state, I want to vegie till around 30" between 50" tall
    then start to flower are 12/12 lighting

    Well, That's all I have to say at this moment. Any comments y'all might have is greatly appreciated. If you have anything to add/subtract from what ive said please do so!
  2. i havent heard anything good about inside sun, i heard mixed up orders and slow delivery time. wouldnt go with them even though they sound like excellent deals. in the end you get what you pay for.

    in your vegn stage NO FERTS! maybe a small shot at your 3-4th week for a nitrogen boost. so dont over do it, you will burn them up.

    of course your veg time is perfect, actually it seems to be a bit longer than what we do around here, but then again the longer the veg period, the bigger the harvest. you also need to consider your space, so vegn to '50 inches may not be realistic.

    you may want to consider veg time by week rather than plant height. and as far as a lighting cycle goes, most do 18/6. the rest period does wonders. believe me. what you can start at is 24/0 for 2 weeks then switch to 18/6 for the remainder of veg. thats just a suggestion thats worked for me.

    most important be secure and good luck! :)
  3. NaughtyDread - Thanks for your reply.
    I probably wont go with insidesun.com I dont feel safe about creditcard orders, kinda suspicious. I belive in Quality rather than quantity, that space is all I want to work with, Q: about Flowering you said go by week? if i go by week probably 2 months then flower?

    Thanks for relay all Comments are greatly appreciated keep 'em comin'!
  4. Forgot to post this with the last post. :-\ sorry. But Planning to LST the girls that would make a little more height I would think?
  5. 8 weeks to veg would be perfect, and an equal 8 to flower, strain depending. sorry not quite following you with LST, type of training?
  6. if i were you i'd put 2 400s in there or maybe a 600 or 1000. a 400 isnt gonna be that great for over 16 sq. ft.
  7. good luck with your grow man. Hey uh, are you a icp fan... i had to ask.
  8. NaughtyDread- Yes, LST (low Stress Training) I hear it's great for more yeild and letting the lower fans get more light.

    hippie John - See What I want to do is start of small not by choice but by lack of cash flow hehe.. Plan on buying the 400 watt and later intime maybe another 400 or a 600. See how my first grow goes

    overgrowray- Thanks. Yeah I'm an ICP fan :-D but I forgot Hokuspokus was a song from them, hehe.

    Thank you all for replying!! Greatly appreciated. I'll post a grow journal as soon as i get a Digital camera. I'll buy one sometime in November so it will be a while.

    Thanks for anny suggestions
  9. cool cool, we look forward to pics, once again good luck
  10. I'm gonna grow Bag seeds from the quarter im getting tomorrow night... I heard the best way to store them was in a Baggie without air in it and place that in the freezer... This good idea? Becuz I'm gonna wait till taxes come to start my grow.. thats about what 3 months? Cant wait! So excited to seemy babies grow.. I am gonna add 6 Inches to the attic and a spiral staircase leading to a hatch that goes up there into another oom that has a small door for a walk in clost and behind the closet will be teh grow box... Im gonna get all that done with taxes.. Then my buddies have play wood and 2x4s Forget if i already said that. Sooo I'm looking forward to it shall be fun, But im deffinately gonna do it!

    Thanks all you have been a good Help.... Oh Wait!


    I want to Hook 2 4" Computer fans 1 blowing air in and 1 blowing air into a 4x25" alluminum ventelation tube that leads out the side of my house... Twill 2 computer fans be enough to pull cool air in and pull hot air out efficently?

    Thanks once again!
  11. Is there any Fertelizer one could use from Vegetation to flowering.. that is rich in everything the plant will need from week 4 to Pulling day ? and affordable. and is it possible to grow good bud without ferts (doubt it)
  12. Cannabis is a very strong plant which has many different nutritional and environmental needs. If you have fortified soil,that is soil with the fertilizer already in it you should be all right,but will find something just isn't right. You start off the plants well with the fert rich soil but over time the ferts are depleted.Just like you and I plants need food. During the flowering cycle your plants ned extra phosphorous and potassium to ensure optimum bud production. PEACE!!!

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