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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Mar 2, 2002.

  1. What is everybody's hobbies?

    I'll go first since i brought it up!

    1. Fishing
    2. Bar-b-q's
    3. Riding four wheelers
    4. Building engines (big ones)
    5. Parties with alot of friends!
    6. Sex

    No particular order!

    This is some of mine. Tell some of yours.
  2. 1) Fishin' 2)Token 3) Knife collecting..(Although with 2 son's my collection dwindles as their's grows! lol!) 4)Music (Much more than a hobby!) 5)Chattin' with ya'll 6)camping .......:smoking:.....lmao..Sex is WAAAAAY more than a hobby..bud head, you a fuuny dude!! :hippie:
  3. 1- Sleeping
    2- Marijuana
    3- Music
    4 - Friends
    5- Computer
    6- Writing
  4. Are keytags the same as keychains? :smoking:
  5. My 11yr old son collects them too, gotta whole drawer full ( some he doesn't know the meaning of yet thankfully!! LOL!) :smoke:
  6. i like to bowl. ALll my friends and famiy make fun of me for it, but I love it!! i have my own ball and bag with my name engraved in em'. ANd its kinda funny cuase i go in the alley with my platforms and all, but when i get my bowling tennees on, its all over!! Next is shopping-i think i might have a problem with it. Smoking and singing and sex. the 3 s's of success!!
  7. traing show turtles
  8. TV, sex, weed, video games, driving (only fun when stoned), hangin out wit friends
  9. Critter, Sex may not be a hobby, but I wouldn.t call it work either. I don't have to get sex, It's just fun!!!!!!!!!!1
  10. 1. music
    2. weed
    3. playstation
    4. internet
    5. driving
    (all while stoned)

  11. That is ssooooo true. the best exercise people can have!
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  12. Jada you go girl on the bowling tip! I haven't done that in ages, because, well we haven't found a decent bowling alley in this area yet.
    As for my hobbies, I started collecting glass pieces but that's just begun and I'm sort of low on $ so it's on hiatus until we're caught up on bills...

    So for now, I say smoking, movies, reading, hemp jewelry (need to find a way to get cheaper pretty glass beads tho), grasscity(hehe), going to as many music festivals/concerts I can afford (I *love* jambands), going to Berkeley... man I am boring! :D
  13. lets see. in no particular order.

    Photo (taking pictures)
    Tokin and smokin
    Whatever else comes my way.

  14. you are not boring ganjaphish! I wish i did all that! i always wanted to go to a lot of music festivals. I went to marley fest once, and that was cool. And ya know what-you know what, bowling is cool damnit, and its good to know that I'm not the only stoner who enjoys it!
  15. i enjoy

    1. Lowriders
    2. weed
    3. computer
    4. NASCAR (don't laugh) i like to watch people wreck
    6. sex
  16. ganjaphish your NOT boring...the word is mellow ;)And and my Baby both like to bowl...especially stoned :smoking:
  17. lowriders are cool but i know i'll never have the money from one so i'm about to forget about them. Everything in my life has something to do with weed, weed is the only thing i enjoy (my life sucks).
  18. lol compared to the way my life used to be i practically lived in my car i was going everywhere and hardly at home, sometimes i feel like i burnt out or something!
    but yeah i guess it's more a mellow thing, woo... for my b-day james brought home these "Hash Oil Rasta Reece's" which are like reeces' peanut butter cups laced with hash oil, i am sooooooo freaaaakiiinn meelllooowww righhhtt nowww!!!

    Jada one of these days girl, get your butt to a show! The best are in the summer @ outdoor theatres like the Greek in Berkeley, talk about stoner heaven~

    Now ya got me all *fired* up to go bowling !! Not right now though, I'd probably follow the ball down the lane with a goofball grin :)~ wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  19. Harleys,restoring classic trucks(67-72 chevy's),auto racing,cannabis cultivation and breeding,cannabis activism,politics,research,poetry,music collecting,dancing,woodworking,vintage furniture restoring,fishing,hunting,weapon collecting,martial arts,plastic and metal model building,RC planes,HO slot car collecting,nude female art collecting,eagle and gargoyle statue collecting....and anything else I can fit in to keep me busy and peaceful....

  20. Bud Head, you are always posting these topics. Is that one of your hobbies? *LOL*

    I've had a hard time tying to come up with a reply because I don't know what constitutes a hobby and what doesn't.

    1. Enjoying life to the fullest
    2. Appreciating nature and the world around me.
    3. Being thankful for what I've got and what I don't have

    Now that I've covered the philosophical portion of our lesson, I'll go on to something more tangible.

    1. Projects are my biggest hobby. this ranges from learning to grow cannabis to learning to grow shrooms, raising cats dogs, pond fish, cows, goats, chickens and guineas. Building a toolshed, building a fence, contracting out the construction of my own house, finishing the construction of my house, laying tile floors, laying wood floors, traeling and seeing other parts of the country (and the world one day) Gardening around the house
    2. Spending time with my kids and wife and all the different aspects of their lives.
    3. Being a total goofball who always has a joke or funny story to tell or quickwit and loves to see other people smile.

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