Hmmmm Nimbin... NIMBIN!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. My sister just got back from a trip in australia- she went to the little place known as NIMBIN... very cool. Pot-laws are relaxed (as part of an experiment by the australian government I beleive) and there is really cool accomidation in her photos- tipis and a bus with beds on it. Man it looks really trippy. There's a "MUSEUM" of sorts but it's just filled with random stoner shit. Man I am going as soon as I get the money and the years of education I've decided I want to do first... Apparently they have a mardi grass festival every year or something... that would be fun to go to... Anyone else hear of this place? Am I wrong? Could such a place not possibly exist. And If it does- IS THE WEATHER AND THE SCENERY BETTER THAN AMSTERDAM?
  2. Australia is generally a hot country... my Dad went there on holiday, and he said it was amazing. He showed me a photo of these birds.....

    You know how pigeons are real common in cities?? Well, in Australia they don't have pigeons, they have these bright red and green birds! It's so cool!

    I always thought pot was legal there though...
  3. I believe 3/4 of the year australia is directly under the hole in the ozone..hence it being quite hot and brutal
  4. im going to move to australia one day........youll all see!!!!

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