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  1. you think that if and when marijuana is legalized everywhere, there will exist sites like mean dont get me wrong, I love the city...but many forums like this are dedicated to beer?....or tobacco?......It'd be weird...I'd cry because I'd miss this place..But I honestly think people would stop coming as much...because I bet a lot of people on here only come because of the groovyness of it being illegal in a lot of places..and its so bad ass...

    Im i dont really know if this thread is goig to come out making much sense..but it popped into my head a while ago and made me wonder...
  2. I think there will still be sites like grasscity, because-

    Pot smokers is a society in a society and has been for several decades. It has already established a reputation of being a "fun" recreational drug. And Marijuana is a more complicated drug than alcohol, I mean its basically a hobby and this reputation won't go away soon.
  3. NuBB's pondering life to the point of pitiful..

    No, I understand what you mean. You're probably onto something because I believe the majority of us on the board are living where it's illegal. I doubt that if it were to become legal today that we'd see an over-abundance of new members but we have developed a community here and it's hard to leave someplace that you are so used to. I'd like to think we'd all still be here!
  4. I'd definitely still be here! I, as well, would like to think the site'd still be here after legalization, as I always felt that marijuana enthusiasts all share a basic camraderie(sp?) because of the mellowness of the drug.

    Alcohol typically makes people loud, rowdy, and half-witted and most likely unable to type... and tobacco isn't really... a recreation (though I am sure there are cigar aficionado sites out there, as there are clubs!)...

    marijuana is different. I believe there's an entire culture dedicated to the herb, and it's very diverse yet we all have that "bond" that ties us together. I was a drinker for awhile, and you couldn't drag me out of the bars long enough to hit a computer, and when I did I wrote long, regretful, sloppy e-mails to ex bf's and old friends. yuck.

    And here I am a pothead and I can enjoy sitting back and writing on a forum because it mellows me, yet stimulates my creativity and thinking.

    anyway, I think we've found the perfect "city" so we should be just fine! ;)
  5. Id still be here. =)

    smoking and toking

    bitching about quality and prices. =)

  6. I guess that makes sense..I mean, this site is from the netherlands and they still i guess so.... off to go get royally toasted and ponder more unimportant shit....tata
  7. i like the term toasted much more than baked...i wonder why that is...

    i think we should become the mistigogs to the children that enter the realm of the pot smoker only after it has been legalized...then they would come to us for advice, teachings, and get our drinks for us and fill our bowls, asking if they are doing it correctly...

    i am a little 'toasted' rignt now...

    peace and joy
  8. not only is the word toast great...toast itself is wonderfully delitious..... hey people from across the atlantic..please explain to me what that stuff is you dab on toast that we dont use in America?..if you tell em Ill in turn describe the wonderfullness of peanut butter!....
  9. i see myself someday sitting down with my grandchildern burning one and explaining how bad it sucked ass in america before it was legalized. I belive i'll be able to smoke in america legally before i die.

    oh yes, peanut butter on toast, i can't think of anything more wonderful on toast. maybe marshmellow (however you spell it)
  11. that would be cool girlie
  12. have you ever had toast with Nutella?? that is some good stuff my friend...
  13. i would still come to the city. just because pot becomes legal doesn't mean everybody will automatically know everything there is to know about pot. there are lots and lots of people out there who are new to pot or looking for new ways to enhance the pot experience. there are lots of us who are just looking for new "friends". we need the city!

    don't worry Nubbin, we'll all be lonely together.... :D
  14. I would hope to think Grasscity ,being on the leading edge ,would expand it's product line...........and folks would gather here in masses to learn and share.............their newness ,and our ............'oldness' ?

    Well lets say our extensive knowledge of such matters as the munchie/combustable...............marijuana.. :) :)


    look not skyward for the lord of your creation.........but rather into your own eyes.
  15. i like toast..i like weed..i like oats..i like beads...i like boats...i like tweed...castles have moats...i have weed...gonna go smoke a post a rant...back later:D
  16. first i think that stuff nubbin was talking about is nuttela. had it in German class, pretty good.

    When I'm high i go to grasscity, thats just how it is, legal or not.
  17. no man its not nutella...its like this salty jam that europeans especially (australians?) and (english?) spread on their no no..they dont spread it actually..the proper way is to dab blobs of it all over the toast.....its nuts!..I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUTTHIS WONDER SALTY JAM!......

  18. se·men Pronunciation Key (smn)
    A viscous whitish secretion of the male reproductive organs, containing spermatozoa and consisting of secretions of the testes, seminal vesicles, prostate, and bulbourethral glands. Also called seminal fluid.

    hope thats what you needed
  19. I thank you norm for going out of your way like that to help me with my problem...but Im afraid I'm talking about another salty jam...:(
  20. hey..i tried..what more do you want from me?

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