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  1. Ok, so tonight i wanna take some Molly & Acid ( candyflip for my 2nd time ) but this time, i just wanna lay in my bed with music and just listen to the music.

    just seems like a journey. but, would it be a bad idea considering i ate 3 hits of acid last night at around 9pm?

    I dont wanna waste money on acid when it wont effect me as much as I want it to?

    what would you all do?

    thanks blades :wave:
  2. Save the candyflipping for another day; at least until tomorrow

    Acid 2 days in a row generally doesn't work out too well
  3. yes the acid will barely effect you, you would need to take about twice as much too trip the same as the night b4.
  4. ya, thats what i was thinking. its just such a good time, like im in a great mood to do it which kinda sucks that i cant...(well i can, but it would be a waste)
  5. i say just postpone ur trip till next weekend

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