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Hmmm... Why does my weed look like this?

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by smokemaster5000, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. #1 smokemaster5000, Jul 3, 2009
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    So usually i would get something like this:
    (the way its shaped.. looks.. and etc, looks like its all bundled up)

    But my other friend gave me these these...

    and the shit i always get would smell awesome but the stuff i JUST got smell like nothing..they look like they were poorly handled :\ though i cant say that cause i dont grow myself :\ LIKE I REALLY CANT SMELL SHIT from this.. just a little hint of nothingness is all.. im gonna smoke it later today in the afternoon.. see how it fits. So what should i do with this pile? i was just thinking of pushing if it isn't any good.

    oh yea, note: this is my first encounter of weed like this in the year ive been smoking :\
  2. Looks to me like you have been smoking fresh weed, locally grown and not compressed. The other weed you show is commercial, compressed. Probably has lost most of its aroma due to the age and handling of it. It does appear to be decent and will probably smell ok after it is broken up to smoke. You are lucky you have been smoking good shit from the beginning, I smoked commercial crap for years.
  3. Damn that shit looks like some fire but it probably is fresh bud and not compact, if you dont like it, go back to your dealer and confront him but bring a bat...j/k:smoke:
  4. I agree with hambonemcgee you where smoking local the 2 others pix are bricked bud compressed for transporting
  5. 1st bud u got is low mids. prolly cuz u not from the wc.
    the bottom is what we call SHWAG or BAMMER
  6. atleast you can plant those seeds:D
  7. Just bricked shwagg. Put your glass to the side and practice your rolling skills...its blunt time.
  8. Too many stems!!!
  9. I smoke joints, but i still want to learn how to make blunts.. my cousins are telling me that they save more weed. ;o
  10. make some hash out of it, buy some headies, make a hash/green bowl and smoke those for a while, get madd blitzed. Plus those mids are pretty cheap, prob less than 120 an oz at most. That much will make you a good ammount of hash, and the high from hash is soo much cleaner than smoking that low grade stuff.
  11. Looks like your used to smoking mids and you got some shitty regs....
  12. brick mids man, get used to it.

    Now, whenever you see someone posting a thread saying something like "i dont see why people dont like mids"


    Now you see.
  13. I hope you didnt pay the same price for the new stuff... but the buds look decent. I would either make qwiso hash or just smoke it up. Don't smoke blunts though, there horrible for you and taste like shit. Stick to joints if thats your thing, or a bong is always nice.
  14. theres brick like that all over my city and for cheap.

    I tend to buy a lot and make BHO, hash, or kief if the quality is high enough.:smoking:
  15. Its probably just some brick weed. The lower grade, the lower the smell. But you would be suprised, it could just be really old. I once found a nug in my room that smelled like nothing. I smoked it expecting nothing, and i was really high. Give it a shot, it wouldn't hurt. Hell make some edibles or hash. Or use them for joint/blunt rolling practice :D
  16. what did u pay for all that? the buds are all smashed down
  17. looks like some schwag no offence
    but all worried practice ur rolling or make some hash
    hash is always an option and also a pretty good one lol:smoke:
  18. looks like some mids, need macros to see the amount of trichs. what did you pay?
  19. Eugh. Brick weed.
  20. mids------------------------------------------------->schwag.

    where as it should be mids-------------------------->dank

    Op, you should be goin' up the bud-chain, not down it.

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