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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by euphora, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. I was testing out lighting systems when i got a brain wave.
    I found 6 20watt energy saver bulbs in my shed from last year,so i thought i wonder.
    Well i tested them
    I had 6 plants so i took 2 of the younger plants and decided that i would put them under 1 bulb each with a big reflector.
    My findings were that the plants grew like wildfire.
    the 4 plants that i had under the hps bulb had a 2 inch space between the layers of foliage but the younger plants that i had under the energy saver bulbs had only 6/8ths of a inch between the layers of foliage.
    The plants under the ES bulbs were altot more dence and more bushy.
    So i did a bit of investigating, i found that a 20 watt ES bulb was the same as a 100wat floro and it gave out 1200 lums and the normall 100wat floro only gives out just over 1000 lums per 50cms of tube, meaning the ES were stronger and used less electricaty per eqiv of 50cms of 100wat tube.
    so i set up the hole lot of the ES bulbs and to my surprise my plants grew about 25% better than under the tubes and my electricaty bill was lower than before.

    A cost of 1 ESbulb is £1.99 from wilkinsons super market.
    A cost of an eqivalent tube was about £6.00.

    Benefits from this also is that Tubes need starters and kerpasators and other gubbings to run em but the ES bulbs just need a light socket on a 240volts supply, if one of em blows well hell just spend £2 and get another one of em
    Plus who cares if you go in and by 20 ES bulbs, going in and buying 20 tube lights are a bit more suss.

    So remember now ES bulbs work better than tubes and are at a fraction of the cost to buy and run and replace.;)
  2. P,S Some of you may think that its rubbish and have better results with the tubes.
    In my studies i found that the HS bulbs worked better for me in this case.
    I would state give it a test first coz your plants may react different than my ones.
  3. Nice it's good to see people trying new things
  4. i am in total agreement.

    i veg under CF bulbs and flower under HPS. no q in my mind that this is both the most efficent and best production around other than the sun.
  5. I glad to see that i am not the only person who trys out new stuff.

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