Hmmm....It looks kinda like rust???

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    Well as you will see below, it looks kinda like rust, to me anyway. these are on the bottom of an otherwise healthy plant, the 2 little ones I cut off the very bottom of same plant. Any help is appreciated. As you'll see on the full plant pic, my tips are developing a slight curl to them, just the tips. Sorry for all the questions, I'm new around here.......

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  2. It's an interesting problem you have. My first thought is a combination Mg & P deficiency. That would explain why the damage is between the veins, a symptom of Mg def, and why it's so necrotic and focused on the leaf tips like can be caused by P def.
  3. Those little things dont mean nuthin - theyre alwayz the first to go.

    Its the larger Fans. What is the Ph ???

  4. Pics of the whole plant may help. Info on the soil, food would also be helpful, as would pH info.
  5. Right now I would consider it 3 weeks old (ish) its on 25% strength Fox farm, grow big and big bloom. 25% ST. Soil is FF Ocean & Advanced mix #4 (50/50). Will post a pic of the full plant, one sec
  6. I can tell right now that with your plant so young,
    and that nute combo so strong - that your ph is
    somewhere in the area of 7.

  7. its prob closer to 4 weeks. And everything I have read said that they could start getting nute by now, start at 25% strength and ease them in..... PH is a 6.5, the big bloom has hardly any nutes at all its almost all micro, but still at 25% recommended from the bottle and feeding charts, just to be safe.......
  8. How often do you feed it?
  9. The plant looks lovely btw.
  10. Every other watering, which isnt often, since they are in large containers
  11. thanks lol, except for the death plaguing my lower leaves
  12. i say i have only fed them nutes once. last week I transplanted, soaked the soil, just water, just fed yesterday with 25% mix, noticed the leaves 2-3 days ago.
  13. OK well it has started to spread, it has moved to the very tips of the canopy above, so now I am starting to worry....please help
  14. Wheres the ph at now ???

  15. humm. looks like the same problem im having. im running dwc with botanicare and RO water. nutes at half strength of reccomended feeding from theyre chart.

    i honestly think it has somthing to do with me using RO water in the one system and thus causing some sort of deffiency! stripping water to 0 ppm then adding cal mag to replace. i dont think is cutting it. i run cal mag at full strength also.

    thing is, i have this same setup at another place with two DWC systems side by side, One running GH 3 part, and the other Botanicare. EVERYTHING AT MY OTHER HOUSE IS JUST FINE, USING JUST THE BASIC TWO STAGE FILTERED TAP WATER (SEDIMENT AND CHLORINE), ITS ACTUALLY A FILTER FOR RV'S I GOT AT WALLMART! GH ppm's are at 1650 and the botanicare system is at 1000. everything is doing great.

    system using RO water and cal mag is all fked and is under 600 in veg, smells like defficiency..

    Also i have a aeroponic cloner machine, running just tap water i had no problems with any clones, success is 100%. Then they got overgrown a bit cause lack of space and i had to leave them in the cloner a bit longer, i switched to RO water at that point with just cal mag , no nutes, and within a week all my clones look like this!
  16. is started out from bottom up, then to random leaves at the center attacking all older fan leaves first.
  17. it sucks doesn't it..... I went to may local shop today and picked up some CaMg, did a 2 gallon flush of just water and that on the plant. I was told that the filter i use also may be stripping all Ca and Mg out of the water which is where the def is taking place, as evidence by the yellowing in between the veins, starting at the tips and working up. Man I feel like I study up on these girls as much as I do for school, I should change my major to Botany. lol.
  18. Let me know how yours turn out.
  19. got my fingers crossed, for us both.... Already lost one.....
  20. Botany would hav been the one thing that interested me, where did i go wrong. 2 days ago i did a water change with all tap water, full strength nutes and no further damage is showing. leaves that were not damaged from before are looking better and the bud development is progressing faster. over all health is looking better.

    O what r your nutes and supplements youve added, use any super thrive?

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