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Hmmm better ... YEs!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ideal, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. I was puffing away at a fat joint with my sister, when it ended before it even started!, fking crappy dry weed!!! GRRR that makes alec mad :\, so I thought hmmm how can one prolong the life?, so I started putting some spitt at the top where the heater is but that didnt do to much, so then I tried rolling my jonits longer by making joints that are 2 papers long .. then I noticed im getting alot higher rolling thinner but longer joints, now ifcourse u cant take .5 grams and make a two paper joint but you can if you add .1 grams of tabbacky :), it now gets me and my sister alot higher because we smoke alot more ... so now I just buy king size blue rizzlas and it does the job perfectly :)
  2. Yeah, really lick it. Or, after you roll it, put a second paper around it which can (a) make it tighter if you fucked up (b) make it burn slower.
  3. i once had a joint that i had to roll over with another and only the original joint burned. it only charred the outer paper. it was awesome, it was its own ash catcher

  4. This person's got it. It's what I always do, even with 'slow burning' papers. I mean blunts are nice and thick and burn nice and slow, so joints should be similar.

    But ideal, you blame the problem on dry weed, but it just sounds like the paper is too dry and maybe the weed isn't broken up enough or it's too dank?? Prob not too dank, but I don't understand.
  5. ^^^ word
    too much paper makes me wheez like a mother fucker!

  6. Yeah I know its not just the weed its a combination of sorts :), but dry weed doesnt help, lol, I will try all methods above and report them as I try them :)

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