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  1. you guys recoment first time doing acid at a school picnic?
  2. hell no lol

    but i cant stop you, im not gonna lie its fun trippin gout places that are cool like parks and shit, but only if you have tripped before
  3. not at all. are you sure you are ready for acid? your question seems to make me think you aren't.
  4. Yah man, i do it ALL the should try it, its the best ever..

    ....Really, are you dumb?
  5. don't gotta hate.
  6. you guys arent that nice.

    yeah well these people are trying to tell you that you have to try acid a few times first before comfortably going into an outside place because if you are not completely in a safe place in your head your trp will go badddddd the whole time
  7. i was in no way disrepectul or "not nice". whether you were talking to me, i dont know, but i was stating fact. Acid is not to be messed around with and taken lightly. It should be done in a comfortable setting, perhaps with some good friends who have maybe done it to guide you through your first time. A public picnic(school involved especially) should not be your first time. You may not mentally be able to handle what is happening and there could be assholes there that try to mess with you and REALLY freak you out.

    Be safe when trying a drug for your first time. Research it, make sure you can do it in a comfortable setting etc. has tons of information about drugs, i recommend checking it out if you have any further questions about LSD
  8. Haha, fuck yeah, sounds like a fun time.
  9. I was being "not nice" but its the truth, honestly why would you do acid at a SCHOOL picnic especially your first time, you NEVER know whats gonna's like walking into a cop station with a gun drawn haha
  10. yeah i know what you mean, but i try to cut new members some slack, unless they are (insert pissed off term) like *no need to name the person as they will be banned soon*

    we all had newbish questions when we were beginning, ya know?
  11. No instead you should save it and take it before you go on a tour of a prison.
  12. yay fun! hahah. well iguess i should just save it and do it this weekend? sounds good?
  13. here's what you do.

    Step 1: Send it to my house.

    That's all.

  14. Dont listen to him.

    send it to MY house.:wave:

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