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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. blades and bladies of grasscity 2004, the state of our union is strong, the mission of this post is clear, or is it?
    3 painpills and a bowl later im rokked...i feel completely disconnected...i bit the fuck out of my thumb and felt it not, its a little stinggy.hmm, my thoughts are dripping away, if they were visual they would be purple and orange, bursting upon the computer screen and melting down, rapidly, not runny, running down, but melting down, rapidly...rapidly viscous
    these are my thoughts, i just took a step up on the stoner plane, i felt it, a surge, not sure if it was the pills or the bud
    balloons have taken on a whole new life
    man oh fcuked up and cant do anything about it rigt now
    closing my eyes feels great.
    heat makes me gonna lay down for a minute....
  2. HIGH All, had to see what your hmm was I know...norm's buzzed.
  3. i think you could use some drugs my friend...

    hahah, though it would seem your a few steps ahead of me.

    have a good one bud!
  4. Finally. Nice to see a post that makes less sense than Krapp's. Hah. :D
  5. So did you suck down some nitrous after those pills and the weed?

    I got something cool for you to do if you do have nitrous. Take a nice fat whippet and then immediately take a HUGE hit of weed. You won't feel the smoke AT ALL!! Seriously, you could clear a 6 foot bong and you wouldn't ever realize it if you had your eyes closed.

    Another fun thing me and my friends used to do. Spin in place for like 15 seconds then take a whippet and try to walk a straight line. Fun times.
  6. im still no, the whippets just came to mind, i had tried them last weekend, and they are in fact, fucking awesome.

    the painpills and pot were pretty neat, thats only my second experience with any kind of pill.. and im not a big taker of medicine or anything...come to think of it, thats only the second or third time ive taken a prescription pill other than some sort of antibiotic
  7. the things that make you go hmmm :D
  8. theres lotsa those things here lately:)
  9. what else do you go hmmm about norm?! :)
  10. that song by crash test makes me go hmm

    pee wee herman...but thats more of a confused hmm..speaking of confused hmm..micheal jackson makes me say HOLY FUCKING SHIT...i mean...he was a black boy, and now hes a white woman..that shit doesnt just happen on accident.

    so in closing i would like to say that wake n bakes are very nice.
  11. lmfao. to fuckin funny lol. yeah michael jackson's just a tad fucked up.

  12. i concur.

    things that make me go hmmm..are those lil pieces of TP that get lost in the mix down there when tidying up after tinkling! do those things have a name?!?!?!

  13. i too have woken and boken,, and i have no clue what the hell you just said. lmao, man i'm wasted :)
  14. haha, muffin nuggets. i am really high and that came to mind. (the tp left behind)

    note: i am mad male. no muffin wiping for me.
  15. i thought thats what tampons were for ???
  16. rock on man. what kind of pills didyapop? i havent been to sleep since i woke up yesterday at like, 9 am. ive been trippin on aderol all night and i popped some more earlier, so im fucked up, but its a "im on the top of my game" kind of highs, where you can do anything and theres nothing bad. but fuck... the comedown is gonna suck...
    by the way, though ive heard the term used fuckloads of times, what the fuck is a whippet and if it gets you high why dont i know about it damnit?!
    fuck i wish i had some weed.
  17. for this s whweolwee show...wha ?? wtf is goijng on hersee i makew no senseses
  18. whippet=cartrides of nitrous oxide...

    your a god for a few seconds

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