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  1. I have been looking for a new job for quite some time now. And I think I might have finally found one.

    I was hangin out with some friends the other day, you know, just doing the usual, and we get on the subject of jobs. They knew I didn't have one, so they started joking around about silly places where I could work. And then one of them suggested "Build a Bear Workshop."

    Now I laughed at it at first, but as I was driving home later, I started to think about it, and thought to myself, "Hey, that kind of sounds like a good idea."

    I mean it is a pretty happy place over there. Little kids smiling, picking out clothes for their new stuffed animals and whatnot, and I'm good with kids. My last job was at a daycare center. So I am thinking about applying.

    Maybe this sounds like a dumb idea to you, but tell me what you guys and gals think.
  2. lol what are you 5?

    get a job at a head shop :D
  3. I think its definitely better then not having any job at all.
  4. Personally, I would hate to work there.
    Golf courses are where its at.
    I was a cart boy, and you just park and wash carts.
    But mostly you just wait for carts to come in, which is when you can go smoke to pass the time.
    And free food.
  5. I actually hate kids that I'm not related to so I could never do that haha!!
  6. if ya like kids then ya go for it, I cant imagine itd be hard...unless you get annoyed easily by little kids
  7. id be down to work at build a bear. but then just imagine all the rich snobs who wont get their bear exactly the way they want it so then you gotta put up with their shit
  8. Yeah bro, if you can handle that shit, then go for it. You'll be a stronger man than I.

    I would flip the fuck out on some little shit tryin to build a bear. Id be like " BITCH, YOU DONT BUILD SHIT LIKE THAT!"

    Kids would be traumatized commin out of there, woundering why the man with the blood shot eyes yelled at them


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