hmm should i get a new illadelph or a volcano?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by bigdank, May 29, 2009.

  1. let's just say i'll be getting a lot of money in the near future
    and i wanna know if i should get a new illy or a volcano
    my friend thinks i should just get another bong but idk he's an idiot
    i think the volcano might be better even tho it's probably more expensive
    o and btw i already own a phx test tube
  2. are you looking for an illadelph with a glycerin coil or just a basic one?
  3. toro... if your looking to spend 600 get a toro. if your lookign in that range an illy coil is more of a gimmick
  4. You already have a bong, if you really want to know what we think then I say you should get the vape so you have something different.
  5. get a volcano and somehow connect the vape to a bong! :)
  6. you can buy vapes with bong attachments.

    my personal choice would be the vape if you have the money and space for it. definitely a different and nice addition . changes things up a bit. your phx looks great to me, why not spice things up with the vape?
  7. I don't think Volcanos can attach to bongs because they are built different. If i were you i would get a really nice bong and a Vapor Bros vape. VB's are only like 150$ and if you have enough to spend on a volcano you should have plenty left to get a sweet bong and a bong attachment for your vape.
  8. i know, thats why i said "SOMEHOW connect it" either way that would kickass!
  9. I think you can still get Vapor Domes for the Volcanos that do come with a GonG seal. I've got one Volcano and a huge collection of glass, and I prefer the glass by far. I usually don't use the volcano at all, so I would go glass with the decision...but not necessarily Illadelph. Don't restrict yourself to one company if you are going to drop alot of $$ on a tube.
  10. I totally agree, there are many different companies that make top quality glass. If your looking to drop major dollars, look into a Toro or an SG, probably one of the best investments money can buy. I don't personally own one but my buddy owns both an SG and a Toro, and they are far and away the best smokes I've ever had, including volcanoes. But in the end its up to you, its your money not ours.
  11. These blades know what they are talking about. If you want an amazing bong you should look at SG, Toro, and illy. I would go with Toro if it was me, and honestly you should take a look at the toro appreciation thread, or 521's glass thread before you make any rash decisions . But Kalec has a good point, you could get a roor or perc'd lux and buy a vapor bros vaporizer and have the best of both worlds.

    pm me if you have trouble finding any information. GC is here to help.
  12. I agree with getting an SG or a Toro over an Illadelph coil, but i'm gonna have to disagree about the coil being a gimmick. Its way better then using ice, it makes the smoke cooler and no melting ice cubes fucking up the water level.
  13. I own an illadelph coil and a volcano and so should you.
  14. I just got my Volcano and it is pretty sweet.
  15. Bongs > Vapes Better experience. Bongs are classic.
  16. If you love smoking out of glass then get a tube. If you're getting bored smoking out of glass get the cano.
  17. Get a MyrtleZap!
    I just got one and I love it! Works great, sits on my desk and no one would ever guess it's a vaporizer because it looks like an oil diffuser (used to make the room smell good; it uses essential oils). Then you take off the little flower and you have a vaporizer that gives perfect thick hits each time (you can actually adjust the hits you get by packing the "stem" differently). It's very efficient.

    The thing about the volcano is you have to use quite a bit of herb each time you fill the bowl. With the Myrtlezap you put in like 1/10 gram or less to get 3-5 good hits. I also don't like that the Volcano has a fan inside and I've seen a lot of dust accumulate inside the box.

    Oh, and I connected a 14m stem on my bong to the Myrtlezap. Great cool hits!

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