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  1. ok, me and some guys meet up at 7 11 last night and they think it pretty funny to fight me so i thought meh i will i gotmy ass kicked and i layed down to submit defeat then this one guy comes and kicked me 4 times in the head, breaking my nose and knocking me unconcious for a few seconds so i went home and now im pissed such a lil dirty fighting punk thinks he can get away with this, then he says if i tell anyone he will come and cut me up into peices and burry me, ok so im im pissed he thinks hes king shit what should i do? i was thinking of calling up my friend and borrowing his colt carbine and just go and kill them all but maby thats not the best rought to take lol so i need some advice from you peeps here, they said this was my initiation into there group but like i told them before fuck this group if you cant trust eachother or respect eachother thats not what friends are
  2. i say roll strapped ne ways but id go and pick em off alone

    u know catch um when they are by themselves

    at home or only with a couple ppl and fuck em up

    knock their happy asses out

    and if they want to come with the heat b holdin that colt just in case

    get some homeys and go to them before they can find u

    become the hunter
  3. well these guys are obviously stupid little fuckers.

    now you actually think theyll come cut you up?? i really doubt it. you can just let it go, but getting a broken nose from a kick to the face while your on the ground AFTER a fight deserves some revenge.

    Before you go doing anything, make sure you have some back up incase these punks try to pull something. Try to get them each while they are by themselves. Maybe a baseball bat and some cracked ribs will teach em a lesson?

    Most people here will tell you against any violence, but in a case like this, it really seems necessary. Kids like this need to learn a lesson. In a democracy, you cant fuck around without getting fucked around with ( :D )

    But in all seriousness, remember that "Revenge is a dish best served cold." Which means... WAIT!!

    Give it a month, give it a year. give it ten years. the longer the better, the less expected itll be.

    Or, instead of the direct baseball slugger route, you could go for something more subtle, less obviously you.

    Maybe some broken windows at home? Slashed tires on a car? Try to fuck around with his life a bit. Call the police from a payphone, say your sure he sold cocaine to your son, but you dont want to get involved anymore than that. If he goes to school. Tell the principal hes a drug dealer, get him expelled.

    Just do anything you can to make his life a living hell. Get dirty. Take his sprinkler and put it threw his mail slot at 3am, and turn it on. Throw some rocks threw his windows, and follow up with some eggs through the now broken windows.

    Do as much as damage as you see fit. Some people just deserve bad shit happen to them. Dont worry about yourself, just think up as many diabolical ways to fuck him over as you can.
  4. this happened to me once and i took the same approach i waited for him outside his work then kicked the fuck out of he always goes to the other side of the street when i walk past.if he kicked you in the head hes blatently a pussy neway so stand tall be proud and go kick some ass
  5. dont go out of your way to hurt other people. why would you want to be in their group anyway. just dont ever talk to them again. and tell everyone in the world what they did so everyone will know that they are stupid people and everyone will hate them.
  6. Well,

    Maybe it's cause I'm from the old school, or maybe I'm just a little older in general. I remember when people just settled things with their fists, anyone can pull a trigger....But not everyone can dish out or take an assbeating. Remember that. You'll catch him back. And even if you don't beat his ass into a pulp (which you damn well better), even just standing up for yourself will earn you respect. To some people that's more important. :D

  7. yeah always remember, one day you'll see them and be like, hey remember me? they be like, no, and you can go WHAM, then finish it off with "now we're even" and walk off.
    :p. but in the mean time just keep it at the back of your mind and never forget ppl who cross you or you may feel in there debt one day, when your really even
  8. ***(edit by zia)

    round up you boys beat his ass strip him naked and duck tape him to a wall. somewhere public but not to public to get caught maybe 7/11.

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