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  1. Ok so I've been talking to this girl lately and she's the most amazing girl I've ever met. I mean, drop dead gorgeous, intelligent, nice; everything I've ever wanted in a girl.

    It's pretty much a given we're going to start dating soon. The only thing is, she's staunchly anti-drugs.

    No drugs, no drinking.

    And I'm afraid to even bring it up, I mean, I don't think she even knows I smoke or anything. But at the same time, I love getting high with my friends and stuff...

    What, GC, should I do? I mean, I've never felt this way about someone, I'm kind of scared to be honest.

    So should I keep smoking and hide it from her? Or should I tell her I smoke? Or should I just quick?

    I mean, I don't smoke three grams a day or anything, so it's not anything intense, but I do thoroughly enjoy it.

  2. I wouldnt change my ways for anybody! but thats just me. if you think shes worth it then quit. maybe tell her you toke but you will stop if she has a problem, this way you prove to her you can control you herb intake. but if you find out she does something you dont like, she better not have a problem with changing a lil bit.
  3. I wouldn't tell her strait up, but if things get semi-serious I'd mention it. If she is still against and wants you to stop or something, then she definitely isn't worth being with.
  4. Yeah, fair enough.

    I just don't want to bring it up and have her be like, "SHUN!"

    I mean, I don't think she'd do that but I'm scared to chance it.

    A friend is talking to both of us on FB, here's what she said:

    I was telling him last night, I never imagined he'd be like this.

    But that's one thing I worry about....

    Drugs = a BIG NO NO for me. Along with drinking, but I guess I have to get over that eventually.

    That's probably the biggest factor in this for me.


  5. just tell her you smoke and drink and thats you, if she cant accept it thats to bad and maybe when she grows up and is not such a little kid she'll realize theres nothing wrong with tokin and drinkin and having a good time sober or not aslong as your priorities are straight am i right?

    i mean shit, if shes everything you say id bring her over to the dark side >:D
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    Haha, yeah I should.

    The only reason I won't corrupt her is 'cause both her parents have their concealed weapons permits and are INSANE.
  7. Yo just be chill. Be who you are, don't hide a major part of your life from her. Shes gonna find out in a worse way if you do. Just confront her straight up and if she cant accept it, weigh out your options and decide her or the bud. Either way just bring it up.
  8. I tried this a few times. Just tell her up front and if she stops liking you for it then forget her, she wasn't the right person anyways. If she can't accept or come to even a slight compromise with you then it won't be worth the time and effort you're going to put out.
    I've tried hiding it, it eventually fails. So does quitting for the person, at least in a sense. I quit for months to be with a girl and then on April 20th I smoked ONCE with two of my friend that I started smoking with. Shit hit the fan then.

    Judgment ultimately falls upon you, but the best of luck to you man. It's a tricky situation.
  9. How old is she OP? if you don't mind me asking. If she hasn't experienced college yet then her ways may change to your benefit. I've seen a lot of straight-edge girls completely change once they hit that college lifestyle... Welll, Im fucked up... Do what you need to do OP.:smoke:
  10. Don't tell her unless it starts getting semi-serious. Once you know she has feelings for you then start bringing it up more and more. Until it gets to a usual casual joking kind of thing. Then ask her what shes thinks about it. Then after that strike up a conversation/discussion about it and bring in the fact that you occasionally smoke and see how she reacts.
  11. I think the question now isnt about weed but Is she against sex too?

    Because if you can get pussy. Why tell her you smoke? Just do it when you know your not gonna hang with her. Then when you do hang with her, enjoy being with her, grow a good relationship. Then tell her later on, and if shes really down with you she'll accept that you toke man.

    Never be too up front right away. Would you tell someone you thought would be a great friend before you got to know them better?

  12. Jesus, son, you sure do know how to pick a winner!
  13. No parent would kill you for smoking up their daughter. Have you arrested MAYBE
  14. thmssttn, she's 19. I go to college with her. :p

    GTea, yeah she puts out. :p It's obviously not about that though, my relationship with her, 'cause if it was, I wouldn't be concerned with me smoking weed.

    And Psychoactive, I sure do. :]
  15. Hit it and quit it man
  16. Read it again. ;)
  17. i say dont hide it from her. but no need to tell her till she asks or it happens to come out. just deal with it when it comes up.
  18. wrong place to post this man, try sex love & relationships in lifestyle.
  19. Don't tell her. I made that mistake. The girl was all fine with me drinking, which I hate, but God forbid I smoke a fucking joint! After we were official, I came clean. She didn't like it and dumped me on the spot.

    Last I heard, she was dating an ex-convict. A jobless, ex-convict with a kid.

    Stupid girls.

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