HLG 320h 54a for QB96,I need one.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Megadethcloud, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. I just ordered a single QB96 elite engine. I plan on getting atleast another one,maybe two just not right now. I know for sure I want the dimming capability so I need the hlg 320h 54a. If anyone could steer me to the best place to get one that'd be awesome. Now do I have to run a minimum of two of these with this driver? If that's the case is there a good single driver that is dimmable?
  2. Here's a good single 96 driver.
    Not sure if driving just one is the best idea with a 320h 54a
    This is 185h 54a perfect for one 96
    I like Digi key I found them to be faster than some of the others
    HLG-185H-54A MEAN WELL USA Inc. | Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board) | DigiKey
  3. I was just looking at that one (HLG-185H-54a). I really dont plan on running then at more than 120 watts a piece but I want the capability if I do decide. I kinda like the idea of a driver for each one. Thanks man.
    I just put my order in. I plan on wiring the driver/light with extension cord ends so I've got a plug and play type deal. Any thoughts on that?
  4. Good idea I accomplish the same with wago connectors
  5. I sometimes wish mine were independent for when my canopy is uneven etc.
  6. I love wago connectors but was trying to come up with a way to do it with parts I already have. I'm just going to solder the wires together and use shrink tubing. Plus I think that'll look cleaner.....so says my OCD,lol.
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  7. My thoughts exactly. I've got a couple strains that love to stretch like a bitch. I've got a couple right now about 8" from my light and im maxed out on how high my lights can go.
  8. I also recommend a cheap lux meter the 96s a very intense lights and can damage a plant quickly
  9. No doubt. I've got one on my list.
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  10. Do you which size screws people are using to hang their qb96s.....you know the ones in the side holes of the heatsink. I'm gonna try and have all my gear ready for the build. I'm gonna put this 96 up against my blackdog phytomax2-200 and compare.
  11. I too am curious about the screw size on the side of the heat-sink for the QB96. The ones that came with it are ok for hanging, but the metal wire often gets "caught" by the tines and I figure longer screws would be the right solution.

    Also, with the 320h 54a you have two ports to adjust to dim or brighten the light. I am electric uneducated. Is there a smart way to utilize both ports when adjusting? I am doing a bit of adjusting on both, but I don't really know what I'm doing or what I am after. I understand that I should be adjusting based on the readings of a light meter, but don't know what the difference between the two ports when turning up or down. I apologize for not articulating that better, but I am way out of my element.
  12. I'm sure you can find longer screws of the same thread, I've seen others with them.
    Driver adjustment, use your io adjust first if you still need dimming ability when you reach the end of that then use the vo adjust
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  13. beauty of the 320 is you can add more 96's without buying more drivers. You could still have the lights move independently off one driver just can't dim individually
  14. I did the same bought a single 96 and a 320-54-a just added a 2nd.

    No issues at all running a single on that driver

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  15. Good to know. I only plan on running mine at 120w max though.

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