Hitting the ghetto to find some weed.

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    So, this story is pretty pointless but i have nothing better to do.

    A few days ago i met up with my friend, we were both dry so he proceeded to call up one of his dealers friends brother etc. (some distant person) and asked if they had any weed. The guy said he had dub he'd be willing to sell. So i just followed my friend, after a while he lead me into the ghetto, i thought we would just pass through it (we have a small ghetto in our area) but he stopped at the Burger King. Then as a light joke he says "were gonna get jumped, its what happens when you deal with black gangs in the ghetto" (dont take this joke the wrong way, not trying to be racist). Well that kinda made a little paranoid, since my friend and I are both white. His dealers friend etc. calls up and tells us to meet him in the alley. So we reluctantly go. My friend tells me to stay towards the back and make sure no one sneaks up behind him. So i do that and they make the deal in the alley, this whole time i had my hand on my flick knife in my pocket. Luckily nothing bad happened and we proceeded to meet up with another friend and light up.

    The underlying theme of the story is....

    He gave us shit weed and i told my friend he got ripped off, my friend denied it at first but then admitted it was some shitty weed.... looked like mids, smoked like schwag. Had a slight body high for 20 minutes, then was completely normal. Luckily he got about 2.5 grams for only 20 bucks (not so much a rip off i guess, but still, the last time i smoked his weed he had some dank looking nugs).

    Moral - Ghetto + some strange distant relationship with some strange alley dealer's friend of a friend + 20 bucks = Shit weed and boring but sharable story.

    The End.
  2. Yeah ughhhh $20 for 2.5 grams of schwag is a COMPLETE RIPOFF.

  3. i know exactly what u mean

    the other day i picked up my friend alex (were both white) and we head towards the ghetto/projects cause he knew a guy taht had some catpiss haze.... so we go and we turn onto a one way street and im supposed to park and let alex walk to the house since i dont know the kid.... well when we turn onto a road 2 black guys are walking the other way of the car and then when i pulled up and turned off my car they turned around....

    they started making hand motions towards eachother and then towards the car so i bounced out of sketchiness... came back later got a fat sack (this kid will literally give u any type of bag u want... 17$ bag 43$ bag any price hes got it hah) but sketch none the less
  4. I cant really speak on his schwag but...

    for future reference...just because your in the hood doesnt mean somebodies going to fuck with you...if your about your business with no bs then nobody would waste your time...

    and by tha way...if your friend bought schwag in the hood...he could just as easily get some schwag in tha burbs...

  5. yeah i get what ur saying but when i parked i kind of stepped on the brakes for a second and thats when they looked back and started coming towards us pointing at us and like making motions to eachother prob had nothing to do with me but i did what i thought was safe at the time haha

    and yeah that sucks that u went all the way to the ghetto for some shitty ass weed.... when i go its always good shit or not worth the risk haha
  6. i tried this a few times.. only to get bitched out by some methed out bitch, and some thuggs.. "get outta here with that shit charlie brown"
  7. lol...i have a whyte friend...and i aint goin lie...im jy-hood my damn self...lls...
    but i brung him around once or twice...and all my friends were cool with it/him...

    I mean yea they crackd a few whyte jokes and whatnot but shyt ima mechanic we crack racist jokes all tha time...its all love...

    plus they like him cuz he knows all about that oxycodone/pillz/shroomz... and hes connected with the exotic buds...

    Ima pretty diverse smoker...I smoke bud in da hood...I smoke bud wit my whyte boys...I smoke bud with my rasta friends (without a doubt they smoke the best)...
    But yea I like thaa...I mix with everybody...wanna smoke with a british chick...and a latina...

  8. u aint never smoked with a british chick and a latina? damn ur missing out hahah but yeh i get what ur saying a diverse group of smokers... im down for smoking with anybody thats chill just as long as im not put in a sketchy situation ya know? knew this kid that smoked in his house while his mom was home and she was a crazyy bitch sketchy as fuck but he was chill haha he just always shut her the fuck up whenevr she started bitchin
  9. i smoked with every race and damn near every ethnicity in my city. theyre all the same when high, silly goofy mafackas. its all love.
  10. yeah just cuz there are black people and youre in the hood means youre gonna get robbed. your an idiot, as long as mind your own business nobody is going to jump you
  11. lol yea, my face was like wha?
  12. Why are you calling the dude an idiot for trusting his gut feeling?

    And YES you are more likely to get mugged/shot in the hood than in a nice suburb. Sometimes it even happens to people minding their own business.
  13. I go to the hood all the time for bud. sometimes its a white dude, sometimes its a black dude. I've been robbed once and it was by a white dude. when i first meet someone now im always very careful no matter what my first impression is because every person is different. Now my main guy is a jamaican rasta cuz i trust him to not rob me more than anyone i know and he gives good deals most of the time. hes the most chill goofy mothafucka ive ever met.
  14. certain hoods can be sketchier than others though.

  15. im an idiot yet i still havent been robbed yet gee im so stupid! i cant believe that u think im stupid cause i decided to bounce out, if they were black, white, spanish, asian if they are making signs and pointing at my car the fuck that shit... UR an idiot i hope u are so comfortable in the hood u get robbed for all ur money and all ur pride u little punk
  16. Buying weed in the hood is sketch as hell. It's not a race thing, it's a crime thing. Lot of fucking addicts that will kill your ass for $40 to supply their next score. I carry concealed (legally) everywhere I go, and I would never go to the getto to buy weed. It's just not smart.

    The first rule of survival is "don't put yourself in survival situations".

    Roll the dice often enough, and their gonna come up snake eyes.

  17. hmm, i would say an idiot is someone who doesnt know how to read or decipher text, which would be you.

    I never said i expected anyone to jump me, i always have a knife with me in any deal with someone i dont know, white, black, mexican, asian, indian, russian, no matter what i would bring my knife. Secondly the sketchy part was the guy asking us to go deep in an alley and meet him there, he wouldnt go in the alley until he saw us. Thirdly i specifically said the thread was pretty pointless and a dumb story that wasnt meant to be taken seriously, and fourth, i said the moral of the story was i got brick weed, its not a real moral, since that would be improper english, but its meant to let the reader know that nothing is meant to be taken seriously.

    I'm not afraid of the ghetto, but when i have cash in my pocket and a DRUG DEALER knows i have cash there, and we meet up in a fucking alley, then i dont see how a white suburbian citizen wouldnt be at least the slightest bit sketched out. If that guy owes his dealer cash and his life is in danger, my cash or even my life would be meaningless to him. Its called being prepared for the worst. You wouldnt jump out of a perfectly good plane without first checking that your chute is properly in place.

    How about next time YOU mind your own business and not reply.
  18. lol reading this makes me thing of the white ppl that comes to my hood. truth is we know what u guys are doing. you just got ppl that are laid back and sum ppl who arnt stable. im not gona lie lol i walk by when i see a deal going on just to see what the reaction is.... but the reality is ur most likely gona be fine but always be causious of ur surroindings
  19. around here the wiggers bother the white people more than the black dudes do.
  20. You can find good weed in the ghetto, you just have to have good hookups. Its not like only rich white people got good weed.

    Nobodys really gunna rob you over 20 or 40 dollars unless there 13 or a crackhead, which ever one it is its not that hard to defend yourself. The key to buying weed in the ghetto is never buy a lot unless your cool with the people or your strapped.

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