Hittin the GB in the springs

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by mhughes, May 13, 2010.

  1. Anybody get to do some gravity bongs out in nature?
    A couple weeks ago me and a couple buddies went to Ginnie springs which is a pretty sweet spot to camp or just tube down the river see a couple of springs. They allow alcohol in the park, so most ppl get trashed and float all day.(We actually rigged up a Styrofoam cooler with 2 pool noodles ductd taped to it so it could float down the river with us)
    We managed to get separated from a group of ppl and blazed a blunt tubin down the river. Which was sweet, havin the hot sun and cool water almost bein in nature. Minutes after we finish a group of ppl kinda standin in the river with their tubes ask if we have a lighter. We go over there and they have a milk bottle and were tryin to hit a gravity bong in the river.
    We all rippd the GB in the river and they were all pretty cool. Gettin to enjoy the herb in mother nature is the way it was meant to be enjoyed
    Went back the next week but with 2 grams of shrooms and a blunt... that was an experience
  2. oh ye dude we ride out to the river all the time. have lil parties on the sand bars some nights.
    i have a friend that just moved to orlando. hes going to UTI the automotive school, is that place in orlando?

  3. sounds fun man. where is ginne springs? im around east orlando
  4. ginne springs is up near where im at in gainesville, about 30? minutes away from gainesville. its pretty bitchin though. theres a bunch of springs here that you can tube down or just swim in, and ripping a GB in one sounds like an experience :smoke:
  5. ya exactly its about 30min north of gainesville around High Springs (fuck ya)

    we actually started goin to Itchetucknee sprngs, its alot more lowkey and def cheaper esp during the slow season.
    Seriously, bring some mushies with you, prolly did it 6 times over this past spring/summer tubin down the springs
  6. sounds like gator springs to me

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