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hits that make you higher?? special kind of hits?? let me kno!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stayblowed, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. usually i do the regular way of smokin but ive heard others such as takin a hit, hold it in ur lungs, take a nother hit and hold it in your mouth, then blow the smoke in your lungs out ur nose and the one in you rmouth out ur i guess it kinda does shit but ya let me kno!
  2. I definatly get higher when i do some bong hits, than when i smoke out of a bowl. The cool bong smoke allows me to take bigger hits, and they get you baked faster:D
  3. Big hits of good weed.
  4. i find that if you exhale forcefully all of the air out of your lungs like until you make that panting sound then take a hit you get bigger hits but it kinda burns your throat other than that idk
  5. Domers.

    What is a domer?

    Any hit of weed that results in the expulsion of saliva or snot due to extreme coughing. Usually accompanied by watery eyes/tears, temporary deafness (or a 'ringing' in the ears), and a pounding sensation in the temples.

    Man I love a good domer.
  6. lol i think ive had a few domers before
  7. Haha, 5 stars to the domer guy! The domers are always the ones that push me past buzzed and get me stoned.
  8. My best method is with a bong that has water which is kept in a bottle or something in the fridge.

    Like said above, breathe out as far as you can, breath in the clear. Then breath in again forcing that smoke deeper in. Next I breathe out a little, breath in again, and repeat until no more smoke comes back out. Two clears and I'm nice and blazed.

  9. haha domers. fuckin a, man.
  10. Just take hits big enough that you can't see straight after you exhale.. always worked for me!
  11. a bong with nice cool water and its even better if you hotbox in a car or small bathroom or something like that
  12. For the win.
  13. vape hits make you highest. i just tried a vape for the first time yesterday, and man, nothing gets you higher longer off so little weed.
  14. i actually heard that smoke that doesnt go in your lungs is smoke wasted.
    i personally get the highest off of the hits that just leave my head ringing and me dazed for a few seconds.
  15. Hold 'em.
  16. Holding in hits for really long doesnt work better than holding them in for 3 seconds.
    It seems to work only because you go for so long without breathing oxygen, and you feel more lightheaded in combination of the effects of the weed.

    Coughing does the same thing, but a little different. It makes you hyperventilate, raising your heartrate and giving you a lot of oxygen which does alot to make you feel really high for a short time after.

    You'll notice none of these techniques make you really high for long, the intense high that follows the hit settles into the regular high only after a few mintues.

    I think the best way to get high is to smoke small hits you can take without coughing, but smoke more of them than you would huge hits. I think you can get just as high, the only difference is you waste less weed.
    It sort of takes some self discipline and patience, but I find it works.
    It also helps you cut back on how much you smoke, and if you smoke alot that will make you feel higher when you do smoke.
  17. Heres what I get higher.

    I force all the air out of my lung
    Kill a full bowl on one hit. Hold, blow out then procede to the domer status.
  18. About domers : If you aint chokin, you aint smokin
  19. I love bongs. But some shotguns from a blunt always got me feeling good.
  20. There's way to be more efficient, such as grinding the weed before smoking, it burns faster, and less chance of burning the weed under it (since everything goes in 1 hit).

    Sometimes, I take about 2 or 3 small snappers. Then I finish it off with a nicely grounded bud packed near the rim to finish the job.

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