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    ok i picked up some salvia zone 20x and i had already hit it twice and had osm experiences.
    So today i was home watching my bro while the rents where at work and didnt have ne bud so i was bored...

    I decided to smoke the last bowl and it was wild.. I knew this was powerful stuff and was expecting summin crazy... so i was laying down on my bed.. got relaxed.. and i threw on "welcome to the machine" by pink floyd

    At first everything started to tilt to the left.. then about 20 secs later my bed was a huge plane of grey that stretched on forever it seemed.. and i was round at the time (ceased to be a person by this point lol)

    So i was round is what i rember ..then the pane tilted backwards and i felt myself rolling backwards and gaining momentum and i knew that i would fall off this plane.. and it was scary.. so right when im about to go over .. i yell out "help" in the real world.. then i instantly snap back to reality.. sitting in a pool of sweat.. I wouldnt call it a "bad trip" it was j a little more hairy than my other ones.. and the euphoric feeling (like smoking an indica dominant)
    stayed w me for a couple hours..

    Has anyone ever had a truly awful salvia experience?
  2. i think by "osm" you mean awesome
  3. Sounds fun haha.
    When my friends brother did it for the first time he just kept drooling and saying his full name and his house address over and over. It was soooo funny:D
  4. fuck you, i bought some 20x about a month ago and i just smoked a huge bowl and i just felt weird, i felt like something was about to happen but never did. i wanted it to work so badly and it never did. i guess its just bunk salvia or im one of those people that isnt affected by it.

    sounds like you had fun tho man. congrats
  5. It's been a while since I shared my salvia story so I'll share it.

    It was my two friends Rob and Alex, we were in Alex's room. Rob had just taken his first hit and was laughing his ass off on his chair. So I went ahead and cashed the entire bowl in one hit, soon as I exhaled, I felt the 20,000 lb weight that I normally feel on salvia. I looked at the wall behind Alex, and it was flashing all kinds of colors. Then, Alex's face peeled off his fucking skull! It wasn't scary, but actually funny!. Then as I turned to my left I felt myself go in a tunnel. It felt like I was on a train going 300 mph towards some kinda of small end of the tunnel. Then when I reached the end, I saw myself in a land of massive toys. I remember seeing a huge toy soldier, a huge rocking horse, and different colored blocks all over the place. There were also little children all around me screaming and seeming to be having a great time. I felt very euphoric, and decided to run around and dance (which Alex said I was doing at the time without my realization). Then, the trip ended. As fun as it sounded, I actually hated it. It was wayyyy to intense, and realizing that reality has been ripped away from you is scary. When it was all over I was also sweating profusely. I literally felt like I had just run 5 miles.
  6. its common to feel like your falling
  7. i felt really prickly sensations all over my body when i smoked salvia, and i got really hot and then had the feeling of being really worried about somethign but i didnt know what.

    all in all it was a disapointment
  8. Yea that happens if you dont hold in the smoke long enough, you didnt get a good enough hit.
  9. ive only done salvia once and i didnt lay down. i kept trying to sit up but i would get up a little then go limp, i felt like a marionette is the only way i could describe it
  10. One of my friends smoked salvia and he thought that the world as he knew it was about to end....he also said he say everyone in the form of legos...
  11. yea man iv hit it about 6 different times now and one of the times i was sittin on my friend marcs couch and i hit and i didnt kno wtf was going on and i felt trapped then i realized where i was but everything was made out of geometrical patterns that swayed and my friend did actually look like legos.. that cool to kno im not alone lol
  12. I don't understand why people like salvia so much, I mean, it's just a bit shit?
    maybe the first time it's cool 'to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes' but after that it's just, well, a bit shit?
  13. its j like a rollercoaster... u gotta psych yourself into doing it.. then the anticipation builds ..then its over before you kno it.. but its always been fun.. cant even compare it too bud its like apples and oranges.. its j fun ... but its so expensive so im probably not gonna do it again.. atleast not until the next HEMPFEST boston comes... they sell it there

  14. same here man doesn't affect me
  15. a mate got a whole bunch of 20x and anyway he ended up crashin out with too much vodka and he said i could smoke all his fuckin salvia and my other m8 didnt want any so i smoked it and guess what.. nothin fuckin happened, i was slightly skeptical of peoples tripping experiences on what is perfectly legal substance in the UK.
  16. The same exact thing happened to me my first time, it felt kinda shitty. But the second time it hit me hard. I was outside and when I hit it and the only thing I could focus on was this cherry tree in my back yard. Suddenly the tree turned into my face and the trunk became my body. Then it began to yell at me while it blasted off into space.

    OP, congrats on the fun trip though.
  17. That trip sounds fucking awesome!^

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