History repeats itself

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  1. Ever notice how history repeats itself?
    Alex tytler noticed this transgression throughout history and also the process of democracy itself.

    From bondage to spiritual faith;
    From spiritual faith to great courage;
    From courage to liberty;
    From liberty to abundance;
    From abundance to complacency;
    From complacency to apathy;
    From apathy to dependence;
    From dependence back into bondage.

    It may have started earlier, but the first example of bondage I can think of is 'slaves' in Egypt and their spiritual leap into liberty.

    I believe we as Americans have entered into the apathy phase and our younger generation will fall into dependence [on the government].

    Is history in a repetitive cycle? Will there only be spiritual growth if history repeats itself?

  2. Interesting thread op. it's kind of depressing...but hey inner peace comes from within, right?
  3. Big words make my brain hurts.
  4. kinda scary if u think about it.
  5. I think so, I want to leave this country real soon
  6. I just want civil unrest. Where's that on your list?
  7. This idea falls apart if you go all the way back to our tribal days as human beings.
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    If this were true.. What is wrong with it? Sounds like the change of seasons to me.

    However, you are always in control of yourself.. Even if the outside world doesn't want you to be...

    Speaking of cycles:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlfYHAV1i8w]2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning OFFICIAL FILM [Brave Archer Films®] - YouTube[/ame]

    This explains a lot about the cycles that human beings experience. Yes. It's about December 21st.. However, it doesn't speak of the end.. It doesn't speak of radical changes happening over night.

    I think you'll really like it, OP.

    Love ~ :love:

    22:05 <--- cycles

  9. All I see here are a number of sweeping generalisations...
  10. Nearly half of the population is on some sort of government assistance, we're pretty close to dependence now.

    Many strong civilizations have collapsed throughout history, we aren't immune to it. Who knows though, it could just be a bump in the road right now.
  11. I want anarchy or at least another wild west era
  12. The pyramid builders were mainly paid and fed workers. The Hebrews were never enslaved and forced to build the pyramids, they weren't even in Egypt until a good bit after the last pyramid was built. Nor was there ever actually an exodus..

    So might want to think of another example to try and line up with present day events for your spiritual growth theory.
  13. big vocabulary hurts me brain
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    Your right, but society does tend to follow this trend. Bondage doesn't also mean slaves, it means being under an oppressive ruler ( jews under roman rule, we under the british monarch, etc etc). Africans were slaves and now rised out of it, only to be complacent and dependence and soon again back into bondage with all of us. I believe that while we (americans) are liberated, our amendment and constitutional rights are being stripped away, leading to what some may call a civil rise to order or anarchy, but only after realizing we were not as liberated and free as we once were..
  15. rised out of it...

    You can't have a people rise up if there is no reason to. It's like you can't have a shadow without light, cause and effect. If you're theory was legit, it should apply to every culture/civilization/group of people in history. But it doesn't because it isn't.. There are governments out there that don't hold down it's people and they go on living a happy life. You're just picking out the ones that were oppressed and had to overcome that. It doesn't happen in cycles, it happens whenever oppression happens and whenever the people decide enough is enough.

    PS - I dare you to go up to a black guy and say "how does it feel to be a slave again?"
  16. ^ you seem so offended.
  17. Your saying that things have stayed the same in some nations, that they never were oppressed in the thousands of years? Look at it in a historical standpoint. There were always the king and the oppressive upper class. Revolution occurs every generation, one nation or another. What you are suggesting is that there are governments out there that doesn't suppress it's people after hundreds and hundreds of generations; well thats a matter of opinion. My opinion is that Nothing ever stays the same. Nations rise and fall all the time, even if we never witnessed its struggles. History repeats itself, its been proven throughout time.

    From the British monarch, we liberated from them and were free. But time follows our destruction wisely. Americans became complacent and thereby dependent on the government and now with our rights being stripped away since the patriot act, we are entering bondage. Just face it, we are no longer liberated (free) as we once were.
  18. "Everytime history repeats itself, the price goes up"
  19. Keyword: seem, to you.. I find it interesting that that's all you had to say though.

    Not the same, but favorable conditions for the majority of their existence.

    Uh, not always..

    Uh, not always.. I can see you made the mistake of instantly believing the bullshit you shitted out.

    And here you're assuming that every government remains the same after hundreds and hundreds of generations. A country could have a caring government for awhile, after a few generations, new management takes over and wants more control, that could last awhile, or be instantly kicked out by it's people. Hell, the "rebels" could be crushed by the oppressors for good. Not everything has a Star Wars ending..

    The universe is in a constant state of change, so you're right. But if it were proven that history repeats itself, it would be true for every government and group of people. As was mentioned, a rebellion could be eliminated. Shitty management of government affairs could inspire someone to take part (and not by crying on the internet) and do a much better job.

    Basically what you're doing is trying to find a pattern in human nature, but you're failing to take into account that there are a shitload of people out there with different ideas on what should be done. Sometimes people with fair ideas come out, sometimes people with selfish ones. Throwing labels on cause and effect to make yourself seem more enlightened, to yourself.

    From bondage (cause) to spiritual faith (effect);
    From spiritual faith (cause) to great courage (effect);
    From courage (cause) to liberty or getting killed.. (effect);
    From liberty (cause) to abundance (effect);

    And so on. I also find it funny who you think it takes slavery to find spiritual faith..
  20. at least i know how to keep a post interesting :p

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