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  1. So I'm going to be writing a paper comparing society (in America) in the 20th century (mostly the 40's/50's) compared to now. I live in Canada, I have learned about society in the States during this period, so that's not really an issue, but I don't know first hand what it's like now. Other than the buttfucked economy and obesity, what's America like in the 21st century? Is it better or worse than it was during the 40's/50's?
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    we were at war with the germans. we are now at war the arab nations, they are the same 'infidel'/'antichrist' enemy, with transposed skin. i'm sure you can find a lot of subject material on that. i don't want to write your paper for you;)

    ... and guess what that developed into a few years after WW2? the red scare. the fight against communism. the buffering of the dwindling industrial-war complex. it's funny to look back on now, in hindsight. americans need to be scared, we need to be lashing out at someone else in order for us to move forward.

    we have a far greater stance in the world economy that we did back then (i mean we were #1.. but WW2 ensured that). our style and mode of living is far more upwardly mobile, etc.
  3. technology is going crazy right now. but i'm sure canada is probably experiencing the same thing.
  4. Same as Canada, bro. Except everything is slightly to the left.

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