his tears! we share.

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  1. my son came to me to night and told me that some of his team mates had been stop by the state troopers .the couch resigned their in the play offs in secound place !one game from the end of season,he has played his heart out with 12 graders big and strong tyhem him and he is 1st sting forward! he had one beer and had been playing on a computer most of night !some of you know what jhappened to me track i see it happening to these kids now!he cryed he's been ask to be the forward next year ,their season has ended with a forit!three of the kids have allready lost it and blow up and are in jail now! some of the momthers saw no harm in the party now they've been charged with serving miners!16 team members are named 8 spend from playing for the school at all!the couch told the school he would resign before he would name any one of the players ,the had drivers so they were not driveing drunk ,they had three mom's at the party .no one was arested no one was ticketed.he is in the liveing room playing play station 2 but i know what he must feel like about now!given a spot next year because your freinds well not be able to play ,i watch the couch make them all become one as a spirit of the team was formed know the riped apart like old paper used and trashed.its not right ,its happened and they cant do anything about it!yes ,i can only say that we my track team got busted for drinking in the grave yard, two days before the state finials i lost my chance to go to the olmpic try outs ,i am not prode of what happened after i had not been at the party, i lost at school the next day a freash 2 degree black belt i smash the couchs chair threw the window of his office and ran to the trovy shelfs and smash them all to fuck as the couch and the teachers watch me lose all togahter! they did not even try to stop me! i was not jailed, no one arested me know one had the guts to say they were sorry !i was kick out of school for aweek ! i told him remember how hard you worked to get here! play if they let you!, cry if you have to! but dont hold it in! and remember i love you any time you need me!dad to son! ......you've all ready played ! you've all ready won! ............
  2. I'm really sorry to hear that happened to your son. Ya know, alot of stupis shit happens, and just to let ya know, i'm sorry.
  3. thanks ,he'll find out whats going to happen today ! its out of my hands ,we try to love are childen as much as we can but its never easy to let them go if you love them, good luck tazz11
  4. My heart goes out to You, your Son,and his mates! Just another prime example of Gov. & law enforcement having more control over our children than we do!!!!

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