His Holiness The Dalai Lama's message to President George Bush

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  1. His Holiness The Dalai Lama's message to President George Bush

    12 September, 2001

    Your Excellency,

    I am deeply shocked by the terrorist attacks that took place
    involving four apparently hijacked aircrafts and the immense devastation these caused. It is a terrible tragedy that so many innocent lives have been lost and it
    seems unbelievable that anyone would choose to target the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. We are deeply saddened. On behalf of the Tibetan people I would like to convey our deepest condolence and solidarity with the American people during this
    painful time. Our prayers go out to the many who have lost their lives, those who have been injured and the many more who have been traumatized by this senseless act of violence. I am attending a special prayer for the United States and it's people at our main temple today.

    I am confident that the United States as a great and powerful nation will be able to overcome this present tragedy. The American people have shown their resilience, courage and determination when faced with such difficult and sad situation.

    It may seem presumptuous on my part, but I personally believe we need to think seriously whether a violent action is the right thing to do and in the greater interest of the nation and people in the long run. I believe violence will only increase the cycle of violence. But how do we deal with
    hatred and anger, which are often the root causes of such senseless violence? This is a very difficult question, especially when it concerns a nation and we have certain fixed conceptions of how to deal with such attacks. I am sure that you will make the right decision.

    With my prayers and good wishes

    The Dalai Lama
    September 12, 2001
    Dharamsala, India


  2. Basically, what the Dalai was saying to Georgie Boy was.... don't go in guns a' blazin.... Yeah right. How naive can such an enlightended individual be. American independence was secured by firepower and it's been maintained the same way ever since.

    Asking an Amercian leader not to retaliate is like asking a fish not to swim.


    PS... Don't get me wrong.. I think o'le Dubya is spot on with this one.
  3. "American independence was secured by firepower and it's been maintained the same way ever since. "

    My freind, you are the DON...those words are so true, so to the point, so just, so real, so profoundly deep and yet simple...i read them over and over again, and something so simple, is yet just so true.
    I am just lost for words...its crazy isnt it...the "greatest democracy" in the world...which says gives all its power to its people, as all its power due to its military strength?
    The country which advocates free press goes to war because of the propaganda is provides its people in order for them to make a "fair and unbiaseed" dessiion...MY BALLS!!
    ...have u compared US news in comarrision with EU news on the afgan war? if any of u have, u will know EXACTLY what i am talking about

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