Hindu Kush & White Widow

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  1. Iv'e been thinking about picking up these two strains, anyone have any recommendations for favorite breeders for these? Also, anyone know where I can purchase Lamb's Bread seeds?
  2. White Widow is a huge classic. I haven't tried hindu kush but heard its moderately easy to grow.
  3. for White Widow go for the origional Black Widow from Mr. Nice seeds.

    i tried a number of other white widows but not the real deal..just cut to the chase and go after the real deal
  4. You can get both White Widow & Hindu Kush at Highgrade Seeds - Highest Quality Marijuana Seeds Online
  5. Mr Nice Black Widow is amazing if you can get hold of any, Black Widow and Medicine man are almost always out of stock :(

    Femaleseeds do a very nice Xline Black Widow that is very good, doesn't cost much and means you don't have to mess about with regs :smoking:

  6. Yeah? Have any experience growing those 2 strains from HGS or know someone who has? Id love to see some real reviews about some of HGS strains.
  7. Hindu Kush.....ridiculously easy to grow , crosses well with just about anything
    moderately good to good yields and highly recent to pests and disease.

    White Widow , whether it actually *IS* WW or not is problematic as is the height , yield
    and finish time for some folks , it's well worth it however.

    There will be quite some height variation between the two you may have quite some problem with both strains at once under a single light.
  8. Thanks guys, anyone know anything about Lamb's Bread?
  9. TGA has a few lambs bread hybrids.. I dont think theres a stablized land race seed going around for it either.. Mainly being that Jamaica climates are too hard to replicate indoors.
    Hindu kush is a staple in most cali shops and white widow is one of the best white strains in existence. Kush would be the easier of the two to grow while widows a bit finnicky with nutes and such. try focusing on 1 strain at a time.

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