Hillbilly feuds!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Big Poppa Puff, Feb 15, 2002.

  1. How do hillbilly feuds start? here's a good example:

    Location: South
    Time: late 70's
    Setting: Dude's room

    2 guys are sitting in a room listening to some tunes and just wasting the day away like usual. School's been blowed off, the sun is sitting high in the sky and our heroes are tapped out on cash. Dude 1 starts to complain because they don't have anything to smoke.
    "Man I wished we had something to smoke . Are you sure we went through that dime last weekend? Ain't ther nothing left?"
    " No man, we ain't got shit, unless you want to go cut some grass for that old lady down the road for some spending money"
    "Fuck that!"

    That's when Dude 1 spots something on the shelf behind the record collection.

    "Hey what's that in a jar? Hey man that's a big ass hooter! Hell Yeah! Light that Mofo up!"

    "No can do man! that's my Skynerd joint!"

    "Your what?"

    "I said my Skynerd joint"

    "What the fuck are you talknig about?"

    "Jesus man, remember last summer, we was at that Skynerd concert down about 3 rows off the front. Somebody throws this big joint on stage and the Man picks it up, hits it and flips it back out in the crowd'

    "Yeah, I hear you"

    'Well i catch that joint and the Man is looking RIGHT at me, so I take a big-ass hit. He just smiled at me and gave me a wink like 'Hell Yeah you the man!' "

    "Whose this fucking Man your talking about?

    "The MAN, it was Skynerd, you know Van Zant!"

    "You mean the one that died in the plane crash? That was Ronnie, no or was that Donnie?"

    "Whatever you fucking retard, But i hit a joint right aftyer he hit it man! its like we were blood brothers or something. So I put the joint out, brought it home and put it up in that old Mason jar. I'm going to keep that joint forever, because he's gone now and there won't ever be another one. It's a collectors item"

    "Hell, its probably just a mexican ditch weed anyway. that's probably why he threw it back out."

    "I'll kill you for talking about Skynerd like that!"
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  2. LOL:smoke:

    Would it fucking kill ya to play some Foghat once in a while?!?~Jim Carrey
  3. Another pleasant side affect to join S.T.M.L. *lol*

    How high were you when you posted that?
  4. I wish I knew why thoughts like this one pour out of my head when stoned?
  5. hehehe!
    you know, if phishhead had posession of that joint it'd be no question.
    it'd be framed and on our wall somewhere in no time, hidden behind glass and safe from those in need of a toke.
  6. [​IMG]

    <font face="Courier New, Courier, mono" size="6" color="#0000CC"><font color="#33CC00">Lynyrd Skynyrd was there.
    And so was I.
    [​IMG] It rocked.</font>
    </font> [​IMG]

    <font size="2"><font face="Courier New, Courier, mono" size="3" color="#00CC33">P.S.,</font></font> [​IMG] <font size="3"><font face="Courier New, Courier, mono" color="#00CC33">God i'm stoned.</font></font> [​IMG]
  7. haha dude i like your headbanger smilies :D they rock
  8. thankyou, thankyou... [​IMG] ...I think they rock too... [​IMG] ...bwahaha... rockin' on!
  9. most were land disputes to some degree
  10. Usually starts off with a pig fucking....

    .... Surprisingly they usually end with pig fucking too...

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  11. Holy fuck!!!! This is from 2002???

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  12. Yah it is lol howd he even find it lol

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  13. this is funny, didn't realize it was 14 years ago

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