Hilarious Video of Kid Opening N64 Christmas Present

Discussion in 'General' started by enfiladeDTS, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. HAHAHAAH!!! that is so funny.....the kid looks possessed or satanic when the video goes in slow-mo...lol N64 was great...but not that great lol.......but hes jus a kid and i did the same things on xmas lol
  2. Lol, shit I rmemeber when I got my n64 but I'm pretty sure I wasnt that excited lol
  3. hahahahhahahahhaa nice find
  4. Yeah, I wasn't that excited. It was kinda wierd though, my dad just surprised me with it one night. Mario Kart was the first game I had, oh the memories.
  5. lmao haha he sounds crazy when they slow it down
  6. lol me too...i was excitied but didnt feel like losing my voice over it...jesus lol
  7. i thought when you said the ending was priceless they put some other gift inside the nintendo box. i think that would have been funnier to see his reaction after that
  8. Wow. He was pretty excited. I wasn't even that excited for my first car!

  9. haha holy fuck i'm crying that shit is sooo funny, he is so excited!!!!!
  10. Hahaha I saw that on a different site and it was so funny.
  11. that reminds me of when i got a bb gun for xmas and cried. this was like last year....umm i mean when i was 10.
  12. That was riveting.
  13. HAHAHAH i have NEVER been that excited before

    ...shows how much american idolize crap like that(not calling it crap but you know what i mean)
  14. lmao, that clip was funny but ^ that ^ would've been hilarious!

    And TokinBlue, that was one of my exact thoughts. I was wondering what that kid is gonna be like when he grows up...
  15. yeh, to be honest I was hoping he was going to take it out of the box and drop it so it smashed into a million pieces . . . meh.
  16. Notice his sister who just does anything he's doing for attention. Attention whore. ;)
  17. Haha, I also noticed that! Everytime he'd do somthing, she'd copy him and do the EXACT same thing. Good lord, those two are going to be some screwed up kids.

  18. did the little girl start humping the n64 at the end... i think she did... she atleast had a little stradle going... little wierd.

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