Hilarious SouthPark clip on YouTube

Discussion in 'General' started by mistertr1ck, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. It's from the movie "The Aristocrats" funny submission :)
  2. lol What south park episode is that from? I thought I've seen all the south park episodes but I don't remember that one.
  3. Hahaha good clip.

    That movie was awesome too. There must have been a dozen people to walk out during it, but the rest of the audience was just howling!
  4. \/

  5. Its a famous joke within the standup comedian community, and i think its just well known in general
  6. as soon as u said disgusting i knew the exact clip lol
  7. I saw that in the theater, almost half the audience walked out.

    Very funny clip, and movie.

    The Carlin and Saget clips are great too.
  8. The Mime was the best :-D More for the looks of people passing by, rofl!

  9. Cool blue text. Had me wondering if I was too high.

    Anyway, I love that clip. I've really got to get that movie.
  10. haha same here :smoking::D
  11. I just rented the movie The Aristocrats and it had me laughing my head off.
  12. So that's not from a South Park episode? It's just in that one Aristocrates movie?
  13. Dude....there's another South Park movie?

    Edit - Never mind.
  14. The premise of the movie is that 100 of the top comedians all tell their version of the joke. So they asked the South Park guys to turn in their submission, and that's what they did... instead of doing a standup routine of them, they did a south park clip of it. So it is specifically for that movie and not on an episode. Hope that clears some confusion up :)

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