Highway Patrolman rear-ends two old ladies, killing them, gets away

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kylesa, May 26, 2010.

  1. ksl.com - UHP releases dash cam video of fatal St. George accident
    ksl.com - Source: Trooper should have been disciplined in fatal crash

    So far, we know that he was off-duty. He was responding a crash over 45 miles away, but for some reason, he found it necessary to speed like a maniac. Oh, and his last transmission after receiving the call, he stated: “Yeah, let me clean up, get dressed, grab a snack, and I'll be on my way.”. Obviously not very pressing. So why did he feel the need to travel 86 in a 40mph zone?

    I'll leave that to your imagination, but the real issue, is that he's completely getting away with it. He isn't going be reprimanded, or even suspended. After ending the lives of two elderly sisters because of indefensibly reckless behavior, he faces no consequences for his actions.

    To serve and protect.
  2. thats horrible, such corruption. and they talk with so much scorn about the mafia, gangs, when there is probably less corruption there to begin with
  3. Why are they worried about the officer, more than those two ladies? "We asked what we could do for him?"
  4. Little brother mustn't do what big Brother is allowed to do.
  5. way to go pig :mad:
  6. Someone should tell StonerLukas about this thread. A UHP officer hit him a few months back and tried to cover it up.
  7. that just reminded me....i saw a new report from (i forgot which state) but a police officer hit a woman's car and totaled it. anyhow they got caught on the squad car tape talking about how to make it look like it was her fault and not his.
  8. As British rapper Lowkey said:
    "In any society Police are very necessary,
    But is it necessary to leave us in cemetery’s,
    Look at the victims dead and buried because there’s very many,
    What is the sentences there getting? Is there ever any?"

    They wonder why they receive no respect. Killing people and getting away with it!?
    I won't respect a member of any organisation that knowingly kills people and then closes ranks around a guilty person to protect them from the law.

    "Coz if you've got a badge the laws don't apply..."

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