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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DaWodin, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. Yesterday me and my friend were driving along.....my friend sees sum girls out the window that are trying to talk to us....he rolls down the window and the girl driving the car says, "wanna smoke?" my friend asks, "a cigarette?" and she replies, "no, weed".....so we follow them to their house(which was in the woods...we thought they were gonna kill us and bury us in the forest...jk) we smoke a few bowl...i let them know i sell....give them my phone number....and we part ways....this was a pretty good day :D
  2. New "Hook=ups" are cool!! :smoking:
  3. Damn-you are one lucky guy, I must tell ya. What's the likelyhood of that happening???!!! sounds like one of the confessions of a dope dealer threads!! but where's the sex and violence??lol
  4. I got sum more weed adn a friend comin over tonight...so there may be sum voilence....maybe sum sex...we'll just have to wait and see
  5. Good luck to you. weed and sex sure make fir a good night. I don't ususally partake in anything violent-but hey-live it up!!!
  6. tsk tsk don't ya know you're not supposed to go home w/ strangers! ;)
    ahh to hell with it it's the best way to make new friends!
    hope the violence wasn't too much but the weed and sex were in full forces for you!
  7. me an my friend got baked off a fatty blunt an were chillin. We hadn't finished the whole thing cause he felt like he was gonna throw up an there was like 1/3 left and i didnt want to kill it cause he put up most of the money for it...we posted at the house for a minute just watchin tv an stuff....

    the phone rings

    its my weeder friends friend...we had previously hooked up and talked about workin sum business...he says he wants to get a dub of my -ish and really test it out (we had previously smoked only a joint amoung 4 people) so i go to his house and we drive around the block talkin...he tells me about these other people he knows that would be interested if i can get them the weed in weight....pounds...(a couple years ill be posting my 'confession' like smokinokie) so we transact and he gets out and i head home.

    me an my friend are still feelin it and i pull out a joint (i made it out of the blunt cause it was gettin kinda small) we smoke that are start feelin really good, we watch stand up comedy for about 2 hours then he goes home

    it was a good night
  8. what the HELL!!?? no sex, no violence??!! Just kidding. Glad it was a good night. New business is good business!!
  9. Thats Awsome, Man i wish i could smoke wit people like that :)

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