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close calls with the 5-0

  1. nope, have been very lucky

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  2. yeah thank go I didn't get caught

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  3. yeah but wasn't lucky enough to get out of it and so They hauled me away

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  4. passed a cop while tokin but he didn't stop me

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  1. Who has been pulled over mins after they just got done smoking
  2. I have! One time me and my friends got bored so we decided to drive to Indiana,( I live in the Chicago suburbs) because hey why not? Anyways, We dediced to make the car a tad more fragrant and wound up smoking for two hours. By the time we finished we had found ourselves lost in some horrible dangerous town called Hammond, Indiana. Well, too make a long story short. It was about three in the morning and we were the only car on the street. Within minutes we found a cop car behind us. My friend, being a tad of a nervous fella, found himself speeding by three miles per hour. Oh, such a rebel that one. As soon as we hit 28 the lights flashed on. They pulled us over. As he walked over to our car my friend rolled down his window, and this humongous cloud of smoke poured out. Right in the cop's face. We also had six people in a five person car so the good men decided to search us. My one friend crotched the remainder of our quad, but there was no where to put the bowl. So we had to just put it in the glove compartment like it was no biggie. Mind you all this happened before they said "alright, get out of the car and line up against the hood ours, now!" Yeah, so they found the bowl and said, "Well, looks like somebody's going to jail tonight." Of course, I did not hear them at first because I was too entranced with making faces at myself in the shiny hood of this overpowering pig-mobile. THey didn't find anything else though. After they were done searching us they put us back in the car and went to talk about their next course of action. The next thing I knew the one who was slightly relax compaired to the other jerk was at our door. He then stuck out a menacingly muscular arm and pointed west, in the direction of the highway. "I want you god damn hippies to get the FREAK out of my town, and never look back. If you don't drive right onto the highway from here we'll know and bust your asses for sure. So drive sonny, drive." and that was the end of it. Talk about funny.
    We later found out that Hammond was a humongous hard-drug dealing town. Which is probably why they let us off with just a resinated bowl and a deliciously fragrant car. Oh yeah, and to celebrate we rolled the remainder of our weed into a humongous joint and smoked it on the way home.

    P.s. we made it home by six a.m., and at seven we embarked on the first day of our senior year in high school

    The End
  3. The worst I had encountered was a very distraught night when I had come home from taking my co-worker to the hospital with a busted knee from falling off a pretty tall ladder.. I had seen it and it had really scared me! To calm my nerves, I took my lil one-hitter out and puffed a couple hits while I drove.. Seconds later, going 75 on a highway where people usually go 80, I realized lights were behind me and I was the only one on the road. Oops! Shit. Tuck the bowl under the seat, open the window, good, have gum in mouth already, pull over.

    He pulled me over, asked me to breathe in his palm(have you been drinking, ma'am? - woah I'm a ma'am?!), asked why I was driving so fast (well I am getting home late - 12pm and have spent most of my night in the emergency room, officer, and I am very tired and want to get home so I don't fall asleep at the wheel - which was true). He gave me a short speech about the safety of others AND myself, and sent me on my way.

    I got my ass home and waited til I got into my cozy bed to spark my bowl. I'm so glad I don't live 50 miles from work anymore!!! We only use the freeway if we go to VISIT my parents, otherwise we live 10 miles from work...

    Phew CLOSE CALL though Caterpillar! I can't believe they let you go! I could see it happening maybe here in Cali, but Indiana? In an odd way, I guess it was a good thing it was a tweek-town, it got you off the hook!! I would have high-tailed it outta there too!
  4. A while back, I had a friend pick me up before school because I was already having a bad day and I was o so sober. So he picked me up and we went to this bridge a couple of miles away and parked under it. We had smoked there before and we were very hidden, so we were takin our time tokin' off this popcan and my friend Ed had spilled shake all over his seat so we were joking around about how much it would suck to get pulled over and have the cops pick all the little shake flakes off the seat and weigh them just to be a dick. Then who should pull in behind us, none other than the king of dick cops, so as Ed brushed the flakes off the seat, I waited untill he couldn't see what I was doing and stuck my arm with the popcan in it out the window but I couldn't just drop it because he would be able to see it when he went back to his car, so I was racking my brain trying to think how I was going to get myself out of this one and answer all of his cop questions at the same time. He didn't believe that my friend wasn't in school anymore, so he called the school cop over for back up. while he was doing that, I tossed the can into some brush and prayed to god that the cop hadn't seen me do it. So, when the school cop got there, I made up some bullshit story that I had woken up late and had Ed come get me because I missed the bus and we were under the bridge because Ed had to finish his cigarette before he dropped me offf on campus. They asked us more questions and got some more info and told me to get my ass to school. And who should I see talking to the attendance secretary but the cops. Now I really thought I was busted because my dad talks to the secretary all the time, but she just gave me the evil eye, told me not to do it again and gave me an excused note to class.

    You would think that would have taught me a lesson, but you know us damn teenagers always thinking you can get away with it one more time. But, sadly this time I was not so lucky.
  5. This is gonna be a short storry becouse I CANT REMAMBER what happend that night, becouse i had a accident and my brain was pretty shaken so i have no memmory of that but what happend was: I was drinking with a few friend's and smoking some...i went home and wake up in the hospital with a broken bone and one kidney split in 2, that hurts and i was told later that the police found me ...bleeding and they disside to gave me a ticket and bring me home!!! at that point i was talking a bit and i told them i had a lot of pain in my belly..., they brought me then to a hospital but the ticket was lying beside my head when i wake up...pretty fucked up!
  6. check this out
    I was driving south through Queens ann county in Maryland( you know by bailt)
    any ways, I had gust smoked the fattest j with the 2 kids in the car, well the girl in the back seat was bitching that she was cold and we kept the windos up. I was speeding along and out of a side street a cop pulls out. I am instantly busted. I pull over and open the windo for him and a huge cloud of potsmoke flotes in to his face. Well I get out and start telling him about how we just droped off the hichhiker that wouldn't put his damn J out so we droped his ass off back their(pointing up the road). Well the cop seems like he is buying this till he looks me over I had not noticed that I took off my sweetshirt befor this and thought I was bieng slick, then He and I look down at my T and it says in HUGE letters "Leglize POT NOW" that was that. He took the other two kids out of the car handcuffed us all sat us down on the side of the road and called for transport. That was the end of my new car, and the start of the worst 2 years of my life. We all went to jail for 24 hours, then after our cort date my best friend ended up doing 3 months, let me not to forget we are not from this state we were just driving through.

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  7. i've been pulled over a bunch of times and at times they searched my car or one of my friends' cars but we never had anything on us after we got pulled over we either got rid of it or just didnt' have any
  8. Man, those are all some pretty crazy stories. I've never been pulled over while smoking before. Just yesterday I was in my friend's car and we were driving down the highway, when we saw an undercover cop car 2 lanes over. Actually my friend who was driving saw him, which is good cuz I never woulda known that it was a cop. Anyways, we just eased up on the bowl for like 10 seconds untill he passed and then kept on toking.
  9. once i was busted in destin fl. and they found 2 ozs in my car.they trashed my car they were looking so hard.even tore out my glove box.the funny thing is they looked that hard but they didnt find the 10 strip of acid in the middle console of my car interior.it was in a mardi gras cup in tin foil in a cilaphane.dumb 5.0 lucky me.
  10. I figure that doing one illegal thing at a time is the limit. If you are going to smoke in your vehicle, don't speed, use your blinkers, yield to pedestrians, have operational headlights, blinkers, etc. In short, be a model citizen when you smoke in your vehicle, and don't wear clothing or accessories that would give you away while in possession or partaking. I would be interested if anyone has a story of getting busted when following all other rules.
  11. I got pulled over right after I got high. It was rather late and there were like 6 cops at this one place and one pulled out--just to show off, they do that--and pulled me over for going 6 miles over the speed limit. PLEASE!!! Of course, I was nervous as hell because there was a pound of some very sweet weed right under my seat. My eyes were red!!! I threw a piece of grape gum in my mouth and started to tear up. Crying a little gets women out of trouble, usually. So, here I am red eyes, obviously nervous, pound of weed under me, HIGH. I hand him my license-oddly the only thing he asked for, and the FREAKIN' BITCH was expired!!!!!! I thought it was good for another year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died. I just knew he was going to be a dick about it!! He gave me a ticket for it, told me that he hoped he hadn't ruined my night and to enjoy what was left of it! Yeah, right! I was so lucky!!! Needless to say, I don't get high and ride with shit in my car anymore. I was 5 minutes from my house. It was a 15 minute trip.

    That was the scariest time. The others were just funny!
  12. Never been there never done that. I never smoke and drive. I never drink and drive. There is to much that can happen and too much to loose. My kids must have a father to live a good life. I will not deny them the things they deserve. I live for my kids.

    Nothing against anyone who does it. I just can't take the risk myself!
  13. ok, some years back, in penn state, end of semester. me and 3 of my roomates take a bit of shrooms, bring some fatties and go on a highride. driving, trippin, smoking... having an overall good time, untill we crused into a town called barrvile about 30 mles from penn state, first turn we make we drive by a police car sitting in a parking lot. 3am, a 87 black jetta with a gray drivers door and 4 burn out dudes in the car. can you say shady looking? he pulls out after us, we make a first left, chuck the doobie out of the sunroof, and he gets behind us, we slow down and pull over. we coudnt deal with the flashing lights so we pulled over first and pretended we were lost and asked the cop for directions...he got us out of the car, searched us and the ride, found nuthing and said go home, we asked him to get us to the highway and we got there with an escort...that was a wacky night
  14. i don't mean to be over dramatic, but I used to live in Hammond. Anyone ever hear of Gary, Indiana? Hammond is basically a community of Gary.

    What's the big deal about Gary you ask?

    Statisticly by population, 1 out of every 1000 people is MURDERED there every year. And if you're a white-boy from the 'burbs, there at 3AM, you're much more likely to become a statistic than your average Gary resident.

    Ya know why he didn't take you to jail?
    Because you probably wouldn't have made it through the night in jail without at least getting cut, or beat-up, and he knew that.

    That cop knew his priorities. To protect the public, and inforce the law, in that order. Besides, those cops don't care about a little reefer, they have crack and heroin to worry about.

  15. Been a while since i've gone on a highway roadie. however My chronology is flawless, never been pulled over once.
    Altho there was this one time where i was going to roadie my bro back to college. I was elected to drive. My buddy The Eternal Blunt was drunk out of his mind. he starts screaming "LETS JUST RIDE FIVE DEEP AND GET CAUGHT AND GOTO JAIL!"
    He was really paranoid. We had a 12 case of beer in the car, with buds and cookies. I didn't think it was all that big of a deal as long as everyone stays cool. There aren't very many high way patrols around here so getting caught was very slim.
    but at that time i wasn't ready to deal with his loud shit so i bailed and later found out that my friends got my bro back to college safely.
  16. I didn't get busted for this one but i still think its funny. One time i smoked over at my friends house, we rolled up 3 J's and 1 blunt. I was stoned off my ass! I drove home but decided to stop at mcdonalds because i had the munchies! so anyways I ate and started driving home. (this was at 12pm) So as im driving home people in there cars were flashing me and shit and someone was outside there house waveing there hands at me. Im like what the fuck is up with these people? So I get home and I realize that my lights werent turned on! So now I never drive while stoned. Good times!
  17. Got pulled over by cops. Was on a snowboarding trip to the mountains. They told me it was routine control lol. Right in the city, just followed us a bit, then stopped us. I didn't hve my belt on, but they didn't say anything about that (routine control my ass). I got a bit worried when they asked for registration, because those papers were in the glove compartment and I remembered having some pipe parts in there as well. But fortunately they didn't see that. Phew
  18. me and 3 other friends were hotboxing my friends car and after we were done we we put the bong away and were driving down to a near by liquor store to pick up some brew. As we were driving we passed a cop thought nothing of it. As we drove past him he flipped on his sirens and pulled us over and started questioning the driver. He told us the reason he had pulled us over was that he could smell the marijuana coming from the car. So were like alright.. we get out and he searches all of us (finds nothing) sits us down on the curb and searches the car and finds "Orange Chronic - the smokeout cover up" lol obvious giveaway.

    As were sitting there as 2 other cops talk to us as 1 searches they start telling us how they smoke to and were like ya we smoke we all have bad knees haha. There like ya we have cataracts. So they find the bong and look at it and are like this is all u got? u guys are embarassing (it was a 1 foot POS) Hes like we dont even want this, told us to keep and go smoke somewhere else. and we bailed.

    Luckiest shit ever haha.

  19. Why would you need your lights on in the afternoon?

  20. I'm sure he meant 12am

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