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  1. In lit class today we took the highscool writing test. What did i write my essay on? Legalization of marijuana!!! i think i did well on it. Have to wait and see next week!!
  2. I like writing high
  3. Hahahahaha our writing proficiency subject was, "should students be drug tested why or why not." My response was that it would be biased. Instead if there was going to be any drug testing, the teachers and the rest of the administration should be the ones to submit to testing. I still got a good score though.

  4. Congratulations!

    Hope you did well on your essay!

    Excellent topic choice!
  5. [quote name='"Thinker2357"']


    Hope you did well on your essay!

    Excellent topic choice![/quote]

    Nice the topic i had was "chose a law that you think is wrong and why it should be changed
  6. You chose a good law and, hopefully, developed a compelling argument!

    Sounds like you did a very handy job indeed!

    Major props again.
  7. if you're okay with your teacher knowing ur a pothead
  8. Ya she is super chill and she probley smokes pot as well
  9. i always like to write essays high
  10. I always like to write high-scoring essays...
  11. I do my best writing when stoned! Hope it holds true for you!

  12. Thats dope man when I was in 10th grade I did my controversial subject on Legalization too:hello: Teachers love that shit i got an A
  13. I think you're all dumb as hell for thinking that is a good topic to write about in school.
  14. I write sooo much better when I'm high. Just have an easier time expressin my thoughts

  15. why not?.....got me through law school...

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