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  1. okay so i was woundering about this one question i havee....Since 1 on pH scale is way acidic, and 14 on pH is highly alkaline....and i have a plant that is at 7.0....and i found out that plants go male if they are way acidic...is highly alkaline considered being acidic?... im woundering this because im worried that if it gets slightly higher then 7.0 it will go male...or is that not considered acid...(since its base the higheru go or w/e)
    So ya mainly my question is asking: Is highly alkaline considered a factor that will contribute to the acidic level of making it male??

    Thanks city
  2. Hi alkalinity is not Acidic, its Alkaline.....

    Alcalinity / Acidity has nothing to do with the seed being male or female.

    YOur correct PH for soil should be between 6.0 and 6.5 with 6.4 being Ideal, you do not want anything over 6.8 as you will be blocking nutrients to the plant.
  3. ^ What the Wolf said. On the scale, 7.0 is neutral, neither alkaline nor acidic. MJ likes very slightly acidic, hence the 6.3-6.8 or so range.
  4. Whatever you do dont take any drastic measures.
    Over time you PH will probably drop a bit by all the nutes you will be adding.

    If you are unsure, it means your plants are doing well because else you wouldnt have know some kind of action is required.
    If your plants are doing well it does not matter what books or theory or person says.

    Good luck with ur plants!
  5. Okay thanks alot guys! im gonna try and get them to 6.7
    And i finnnaly got my 400 watt hps.....and it seems to be wayyyy brighter and hotter then i thought haha....so my closet was getting to be like 90 degrees....but i fixed that by placing a fan in there....(it also has 2 computer fans blowing air from outside of the closet to inside, and then an 'in-line duct fan' which is like 6 inches wide that sucks out air.....so that should help contribute ......im just hoping it doesnt get to hott one day while im at school and somehow light it on fire hah....
  6. Question,
    According to a graph that I have already posted on here, the proper range for soil PH is from 6.3 to 6.8 with 6.5 being perfect. The PH of my soil has consistently been 7.0 for years. I have tried to water it with water that had vinegar in it to lower PH but, it only lasted for a short while. I am to lazy and cheap to get the PH up and down but, it is unnecessary anyway because the PH of my water is 6.5. Interestingly I use chemical nutes which should make the soil more acidic i.e. lower the PH but, it is always at 7.0. I do not get any abnormal amount of males in fact my ratio has been pretty good recently at maybe 68% females when grown from seed. I grow a lot from clones so I mostly deal with females anyway but, I also do not see any nute lock-outs at the 7.0 that I consistently run. My plants look just fine. Just wondering why that might be.

  7. Oh wow thanks man! ya i am to cheap to buy the ph up and down as well haha....i just went and bought some superthrive and it seems to work great...just put one drop of it in 1 cup of water. or 1 ml of it in 1 gal....and ya it works fine i guess. Im going to try and get it to 6.5 i guess. Once they get to be 10" high im going to transport them outside because my 400 watt i got doesnt seem to go welli n a closet. it makes the temp to go 95 degrees so i took it out and am now using two 150 watt fluoros...hopefully that will do it for a while...i wounder if i could even get good bud amounts if i continued to use the two 150 watts on just one plant...I'll just have to see.
    thanks tons for the advice

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