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  1. hello eveyone, i have just ordered from http://highgrade-seeds.com/ and they came with no fuss at all. i just want everyone to know and to give it a shot. they will send to anywhere in the world even to australia:D. so give em a go and u wont be disapointed
  2. That's cool I guess. How long did it take you to get them and what was the Germ rate?
  3. he said it would take about 3 weeks and it came in 2.5 . germ rate? srry im a nooby grower explain. he also gave me extra seeds for free, i think thats for every order
  4. I just sent you a PM bro... get back to me on that.
  5. When you sent Highgrade your payment did they email you that they had received it and that your order was shipped? or did you have to wait til your order arrived in order to know that they received your payment and sent the order? Just curious because I sent my order as they requested which ment that they should have gotten it Thursday at the very latest. Haven't heard anything about it yet and am wondering if they do notify you as they say they will when you include your email address with your payment.
  6. thanks bro! I'm getting ready to order from them for the first time. i apprciate the info! Peace brotha', TBug

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