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Highest Yielding Plant Ever Grown!

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by tenacity2986, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. So I am seeking to explore others' experiences on personal grows.
    What are your highest yielding grows?
    How long did you Veg for?
    Please inform the community what strain it was and where you can get the seeds from.

    I personally have boughten FemaleSeeds.nl White Widow seeds and yielded nearly 3 ounces from each seed with a 400W light. Simply Amazing. I donno how i can get these seeds again seeing they are sold out but I know that they are easily the highest yielding strain I have ever had.
    Veg time was about 45 days.
  2. 6-7 pounds a plant. Grown in Cali. Big Bud crossed with G-13 and Purple Urkle (old strain straight out of cali one of the original purps). Started vegging in a green house in February and finished end of October (so what is that about 6 months of veg lol). This was many a year ago when i used to run around Cali the plants were probably well over 10 feet. Stocks bigger than a pop can.
  3. 6-7lbs HOLLY CRAP! Are you talking dry weight or wet weight, either one is IMPRESSIVE, but 7 dry pounds off ONE plant?!?!?!!?!?!?!! That would be my nirvana...

    Happy Toking!
  4. Lol it was dry. In the sun of cali amazing things can happen...I saw a farmer regualarly pulling off over 12 pounds from these monster plants he had. But that was rare. I usually averaged 1-2 pounds from outdoor cali back in the day...although that strain just pumped and pumped bigger and bigger, I could barely carry one plant when it was chopped it weighed so much...colas as big as babies...lol wet, they dried to softball size around though.
  5. the most i got was about 15oz, but check out this,

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjsx1dqN9Nk]YouTube - Marijuana quality in Mendocino,California. ( The Best )[/ame]

    monster plants in cali....i believe u can get 6lbs a plant, but i seriously doubt 12 lbs...
  6. Alright...the recorded record is 16. So doubt as you will, but that triple beam seemed to like to tell the truth.... Great guy too funny old man, that man passed away about 6 years ago.
  7. lol of course outdoors u can do amazingg things... I was thiningg more of an indoor scenario with normal height ceilings.. and limited veg time. LOL but damnn congrats! id love to see pics if u gawt any
  8. I do, film ones lol...Digital wasnt much of a thing back then. Indoors I never went for highest yield...so I would say like 3 ounzes a plant vegged for maybe a month. Thats on the higher end of yield for less then a month veg time for my plants. Av. is more like 1-2. on a 600 watt ScrOG style. Sometimes I ScrOG sometimes i like to just grow into the trellis for support but still have somewhat main colas...not a true ScrOG where ya stretch the branch across putting a bud site in each hole...sometimes that just a little too much molesting my plants for comfort.
  9. I'm running strawberry cough in a 5*8ft room in dirt with a 1000w on a 6ft mover
    pulling 710 cfm out through my filter with a co2 diffuser in the room i'm going to be cutting clones soon but i was thinking 18 plants with a month to veg topped at 1ft with humbolt counties 3 part nutes, i was wondering if i should be expecting 1000 grams on a 60 day bud cycle or is the .5 gram a watt at optimum yield.
    Im sorry if i posted in the wrong place im just trying to get advise. Please let me know if there is something i can do to get a better yield. IE Like if mollases increases bud size better evenly distributed through the bud cycle or if it works better after the flush. I love advise and would greatly appreciate it:hello:

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