Highest court strikes down psychic Noreen Renier

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    From Highest court strikes down psychic Noreen Renier - JREF Forum

    \t\t\t \t\t \t\t \t\t \t \t\t\t"....Positioned immediately under the U.S. Supreme Court the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 ruled against Noreen Jean Renier, a woman who poses as a credible psychic detective and has falsely claimed to have been directly hired by public law enforcement agencies across “hundreds” of cases which upon investigation never existed as she claims.

    This is now the fifth and highest level federal judgment from four different federal courts ruling against Noreen Renier since 2006 --- including two in 2011.

    Noreen Renier is a professional actress whose paranormal claims have been called “bold exaggerations” by both critics and eye-witnesses to events.

    Today the court noted “Having had the benefit of oral argument, and having carefully reviewed the briefs, record, and controlling legal authorities, we agree with the district court’s analysis as set forth in it’s well-reasoned opinion.”

    That July 2011 U.S. District Court ruling backed a federal court judgment against Noreen Renier ordered in March 2011 where federal judge William Anderson slammed Noreen Renier in an 18-page order and cited her for having mislead his court and not being a credible witness.

    This April 2012 ruling comes after psychic actress Noreen Renier told a Virginia reporter in 2006 that she foresaw a federal win by herself. However this now marks instead an uninterrupted string of federal court judgments against her over the past decade.

    Noreen Renier’s Charlottesville Virginia attorney Dale Jensen (of the Zobrist Law Group) filed a massive 69-page appeals brief but apparently badly missed the mark as a more concise 9-page brief offered by Renier’s critic won - myself.

    Indeed one lawsuit observer noted Noreen Renier's latest filings resembled work that could have come from a poor performing first-year law student. The briefs seemed arrogant and made wandering rants and snipes at lower court decisions against Renier. "Her lengthy briefs --- the last two totaling more than 110 pages ---wandered so far off-course they weren’t in the weeds but off the planet. She offered little beyond saying everyone is wrong but her."

    Incredibly many within the international paranormal community continue to cite Noreen Renier as a highly “credible psychic detective” and “clear evidence that psychic detectives can be believed.” Yet given this latest U.S. federal court judgment affirming the decision once again that Noreen Renier mislead a federal court and was not credible the paranormal community needs help. But as they continue to cite Noreen Renier at the top of “the most credible” list its apparent their icons and proofs have crumbled..."

    "...#1. This statement occurs at 10 seconds into Noreen Renier’s guest lecture at the "Clinton library" given on February 9, 2012.

    “I am a police psychic. I have been one for over 40 years.”


    In just the past five years alone Noreen Renier has falsely claimed to be active and directly hired by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. After examining recent federal court subpoena documents as well as related U.S. court transcripts and testimony, and directly contacting all 50 state police agencies, and various federal law enforcement agencies including the FBI, it's clear Noreen Renier has never been hired directly by any state or federal agency as a sanctioned paranormal forensic crime investigator. Nor psychic detective investigator.

    Not ever. Not a single State Police agency, and not the FBI...."

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    Often when you argue against a person with a deep emotional investment in the scam of another, they will retort with "what motivation could they possibly have to lie?"

    Sometimes, they don't really need one other than their deluded imaginations. Also... book deals.

    My favourite excerpt from a related article:

    "Claiming that she was subjected to 5 years of laboratory testing and was told she scored quite high in everything. A false claim and and now with multiple proofs that she lied including her own testimony. Her most extensive testing conducted with her approval at Southern Oregon College revealed paranormal levels actually below random chance levels. She also made a "psychic reading" from a blood sample and assumed it had been taken from a student and assigned it human properties. Unfortunately she was well off in her interpretations as the blood was actually taken from a lab rat. During testimony she also admitted that her claim of scoring "quite high in everything" was an exaggeration and her "five years" of lab testing was untrue. Universities which she has cited as being extensively tested and providing her with paranormal results have denied ever testing her."
    -- http://www.gpinquirygroup.com/gpinquirygroup/Quick reference of claims.html
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    ....and who is this woman? She's a psychic actress? I don't get it.

    Lmfao. Worse than not trying. Is it sad that she believes in herself that much? Or is it more sad that it made it to the Supreme Court of the U.S.A.?
  4. Pretty much, yeah. Another way to look at it is to call her a fraudster or a con artist.

    I think it's even worse that she defrauded victims of violent crime - some of the most vulnerable people in our society.
  5. As Sam said, it's more about the fact that she defrauded those who bought her books and DVD's, and the families of the people she claimed to help locate. A pariah.

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    Wtf? Locate families? I don't understand what happened to land her in court? There are pschics everywhere, hell, there's 1 a block away from my place of employment. All they do is read your palm, haha.

    So I did a google search and she's a psychic detective? Now I'm really lost. Aren't there tv shows like that? I think I saw a commercial for a pet psychic once, also. I guess I just don't understand who she is because I've never heard of her. Judging by the article, obviously she's defrauded someone. But, how did she end up selling fucking books and DVD's? Like I said, there are psychics everywhere, what's so special about this one? And why the hell would someone buy DVD's of a psychic? What does she even do on the DVD's? I guess my questions are, how the hell did a family(families) end up hiring her as a detective, and why isn't she in jail for impersonating a police officer?
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    This is her site: Noreen Renier - Psychic Detective

    She claims to have worked (and still be working) with law enforcement agencies to do things like locate lost children. In fact she's never worked for any law enforcement agency anywhere at any time. She has 2 claims of finding crashed 'planes that she says are success stories, but once you dig further they're untrue, but this hasn't stopped her making a tidy living from TV appearances. She also says that psychics like her are being used more regularly by enforcement agencies, when a study showed that none used it at all, etc, etc.

    None of the below, from her site, is true:

    "...Her work helping distraught clients and police with dead-end cases has been the subject of numerous media stories, and her cases have been featured in television documentaries and true crime books. Her integrity has been backed repeatedly by FBI and police officials, and Court TV online recently called her "the most credible psychic out there."

    Noreen Renier's engaging lecture and engrossing personal account of how she began her work on some of the many murder and missing persons cases she has been asked to investigate. This fascinating first-person true crime lecture brings the audience directly into Noreen's world---in which reliving emotionally shattering and physically violent experiences is part of the job---and underscores the humor and courage of this truly original woman. This police psychic will intrigue and entertain you...."

  8. This is good news.

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