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    Alot of beings want to make contact with their 'higher Self'

    The Self that sees states of higher Self or lower Self, must be beyond higher & lower States of Self, so the highest Self is the Seer

    Every Being is Seeing


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  3. Yea i like to get high also.
  4. I understand. However, how do you think one would come into contact with this "higher being"? Personally, I think that people who are looking to come into contact with their higher being just need to see things differently, rather than become a new person (were you implying that a higher self is a different soul/being from the former, unenlightened being?). In short, I don't think that people come into contact with their higher selves, but rather, people may realize something very important and become enlightened. What do you guys think?

  5. enlightenment is contentment... a lie... although not really... it is simply acceptance of the truth of nature and the essence of consciousness...

    idk wtf happens after death... but i tell myself it doesnt end to cope with what littel time we have living?

    scale is everything :eek: as is motion....
  6. That was my point, we are already the higher Self
    Recognizing that is contacting the higher being
    The highest Self can not be apart or away from us, for it to be the highest it must be with us all the time!
    What is with us all the time is Awareness, so contacting the higher Self is simply to drop what Awareness is Aware of & be Aware of Awareness


  7. Yep

    The human consciousness can be defined into three forms

    1. Deams and bodily functions - Sub Consciousness
    2. Alert and awake consiousness - Consciousness
    3. Higher self or 'Soul' - Super Consciousness

    All these interlay and work as one mind, you never know it because different parts of the brain control different parts of consciousness

    ^ The definition of Self Awareness my brother ;)
  8. This is a silly concept, but it wouldn't be if we weren't dumbed down with the world we live in, waking up to your reality is how you acheive higher selfe, waking up from the collective unconscious, trust me, you would feel alot better if you just turned the tv off for a month.
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    i think this whole "higherself/infinite self/universal soul/enlightenment" thing is just a state of mind/consciousness

    ever have the feeling of being "in the zone"? its when you become adjusted/focused on a task or moment, its natural...doesnt need any pretty names
  10. the higher Self can't even be a state, its beyond everything
    its simply Awareness thats beyond everything
    every experience & all states of identification with objects happen in Awareness
    the higher Self is like the untouched eternal principle
    which is really the true nature of everything!

  11. Well... shouldn't we go with the dictionary definition of enlightenment instead of making up our own? And if enlightenment is contentment, and a lie, then are you saying that truch comes from pain? Sorry to ask more than one question, I recognize that that's a real dick move when you're talking in person because it makes it harder to reply the way you want...

    Also, if enlightenment is only an acceptance of the truth of nature and the essence of consciousness, then wouldn't you have to know and understand that truth to be able to accept it? Why wouldn't I have heard about it?
  12. but whats the point in giving it these pretty names? when it all comes down to it, its natural as you say, saying its "higher and beyond" only puts it further from your reach. when you reach it, its not beyond or higher anymore, it never was.
  13. i guarantee there are more video game nerds that are "enlightened" compared to sages/self-proclaimed enlightened people/etc.

    its simply a state of consciousness, when a gamer is absorbed completely in his game hes in a state of enlightenment. same with many artists...they dont even acknowledge it.

  14. I knight you, Lord Kush lord from now on my brother.

    I totally agree
  15. No one is enlightened. That's going by buddha or webster...

    Being one person, you can never see all sides of anything so you will never be enlightened. Your perspective and limited abilities of your body make it impossible for you to reach that goal. Even our brains limit our enlightenment, as we are only conscious of several thousand bits out of several billion that are processed every second. We are only a fragment of ourselves...so we can never be whole.

    In the words of Tyler Durden "What your feeling is premature enlightenment"
  16. I've been looking into some zen principles lately, though I'm still very newly exposed. I can relate a lot of the material to a concept I learned studying psychology. A lot of us recognize that inner voice which is always running inside our head as ourself. In fact, that inner voice is our ego, or, our consciousness as an above poster put it. The 'higher self' or inner being, our true self, is the one deeper to whom the voice is communicating. Our ego inhibits us or influences us to do things that are not in our nature in order to conform. Our ego helps us to exist with others. Small children without a well developed ego behave much closer to the nature of their true self.

    Near as I can interpret so far; getting in touch with that inner being is part of becoming enlightened, at least, enlightened as described in the principles of zen. To be able to tell our true nature from our ego is no simple task for most. It takes absolute honesty with one's self.

    I will note that as I work more to realize and meet the needs of my true self and afford my ego less influence over me, I have been recognizing a much more peaceful state of being at times. The more I practice, the better I get at attaining and holding that deep inner peace which is rather difficult to describe.

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    I believe very firmly that humans can be whole. But first, there are so many definitions of enlightenment, like the dictionary definition, the Chinese monk's definition, some defintion that you may have seen in some martial arts movie (Bulletproof Monk!:)), or wherever. I realize that all these definitions may all eventually lead to the same thing even though they use different words to describe it, but it will be much easier to have a discussion about enlightenment if we use one definition we can all agree on as a given definition. I personally don't cater to just one definition though... hmmm.
  18. Enlightenment can only be Awareness, seeing that the foundation of the entire universe & existence is Awareness & that you are that Awareness

    I can see no higher viewpoint...

  19. Assuming that what we want is the highest viewpoint... I mean, there's not that much room for discussion now is there? lol

    I suppose that when it comes down to it, most conversation doesn't have an ultimate point though, does it? Especially if we assume everyone needs to follow their own path towards enlightenment.

  20. Whether they need to or not, they just will, whether it's defined or not.

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