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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YoungBuck420, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. So, I'm just wondering what's some cool inventions you've thought of while you were high that would be really helpful in one's average day-to-day life, I'd post some of mine but, I forget them all already..:rolleyes:
  2. There should be a website for ideas just like this...not just a thread.

  3. Yeah but most of those aren't like, objects, they're thoughts. I meant like what're some things you've thought of that would be helpful/beneficial in day-to-day life, not, "What happens when a guy with one eye puts on 3-d glasses?"

    C'mon, now..
  4. We should invent a teleportation device, but it can only teleport you to weed fields that are currently empty. It can tell when there's people around.
  5. You messed up the title dude, its highDEAs

  6. That is such a genuis thought^^^^^
  7. The portable compact sized lawn chair.
  8. The never ending nug

    It's a nug that never ends
  9. Wow, you guys aren't very helpful..
  10. A third arm,

    it can evolve out of our backs.
  11. [quote name='"YoungBuck420"']Wow, you guys aren't very helpful..[/quote]

    Uhh maybe because you thought of something that already exists
  12. A lighter that lasts forever

    Self cleaning smoking tools
  13. A tube where you can store a hit in and it never gets stale.

  14. they already have that...
  15. something that can clean a piece 100% perfectly clean, and saves all the resin without having to half ass scrape it with a butterknife so you can actualy get enough worth smoking.
  16. Near 100% THC Content Cannabis
  17. I just convinced myself I could have two pudding cups because I just did a bunch of homework and that because my brain worked so hard I burned off alot of calories. haha, I'm not sure what the answer is...

    I just age a fuckin' mango :smoke:
  18. Haha I thought I was the only one who did this... What I've done is I take all my ideas and write them down in my phones memo pad while I'm still high so I don't forget them. I've got a few pretty good ones I'd say.

    ...What? You think I'm gonna tell them? Hell no! I'm tryinta get rich off these haha
  19. I was once really baked and determined that we need to be able to calculate everything I'm not talking just numbers I meant calculate chairs, calculate people, calculate toasters... CALCULATE EVERYTHING.

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