Highdea: Glass Grinder?

Discussion in 'General' started by B33PB33P, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Does anyone think that this is possible?

    I think having a top piece slide into the lower piece just like a normal grinder. But have thick glass spikes definately brosillicate pyrex. Anyone think this would work?
  2. Yeah I think it could work. Oh and there is a whole section for highdeas.
  3. id break it just because i use mine so much but if your an occasional smoker i think itd work.
  4. that grinder would be classy as fuck. make it!!!!!!!
  5. You could see how much herb and kief ya got
  6. It would work. But it would be easier to break/chip than titanium. I'd rather not smoke slithers of glass.
  7. i only use a grinder on regs and i dont buy regs anymore.
  8. Why dont you use a grinder on good weed??

    and to OP it could work but then you run the risk of gettin little glass shards in your bud. and it'd definitely chip easily from putting the top on and what not
  9. Heres any idea, a grinder made from a diamond! Bitches love diamonds!
  10. I wanna platinum joint to match mah grill mufucka!!
  11. [quote name='"lordmuck"']I wanna platinum joint to match mah grill mufucka!![/quote]

    Platinum joint holder :eek:
  12. In theory, this sounds great but as others have said it could break easily especially the teeth and you wouldn't want to smoke glass. However, I think it would be really cool to see your weed being ground up inside.

  13. grinders are so 2010 bro.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR4QIyCs4n8"]This is where its at in 2012.[/ame]

    haha seriously though i want one.
  14. ^ that still doesnt grind your weed up bro!

  15. you have your fingers. i wouldnt care about grinding it up too much if i had a stock pile of kief laying around.
  16. Where??
  17. Yeah but isn't the point of a kief box to shake around the bud to knock off loose trichomes? If so, you're just storing kief that would have been smoked in the first place. If anything, you're making your weed less potent.

    Edit: also I vape most of the time so I wouldn't trade my grinder for a kief box, I need that fine consistency.

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