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  1. Let me present myself!
    i'm male, i live in southern europe and i grow the fine herb outdoor since early 90ies.
    I have just started my first indoor setup cause i was bored to wait for the summer!

    I hope i'll can help someone... and to be helped when needed!

  2. Hi Giyo,

    Welcome, an outside grower, very rare at our board, hopefully you can give us some info on outdoor growing in the "outdoor growing info" would be perfect, hope you stay a while, enjoy!


  3. welcome to the board. :D
  4. welcome GIYO. where exactly are you from? i hope you like the board here.....
  5. [​IMG]

    Welcome, to the boards GIYO, i will look for r posts.

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  6. First of all thanks for the welcome!

    I think to know enough about outdoor but i don't know if my enough is enough for you...

    i'm from italy

    I am now sending some photos of my last crop (outdoor) and about my FIRST indoor setup (so be polite!!!! :D )

    thanks mate!
  7. high GIYO


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  8. welcome GIYO. your name sort of resembles Gyro. gyros are good, but not if they're from a cheap store. :D

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