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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by SiDankies, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Just want to chat with my vapor bros. Just had two trenches of some nice blue dream (mflb) and i am feeling great. How you guys doing?
  2. Lolol. I'm aboutta go get high as a mothafucka! Thanks for asking
  3. Feeling good about to dab some honeycomb . Happy holidays
  4. You can't go wrong with two trenches of blue dream :D in fact a buddy and I shared two trenches of blue dream yesterday
  5. I'm at work, slow day so I'm posting a lot on grasscity. I'm thinking about picking up a Pax after work and selling my bong.

    I became wise, now I solely vaporize:p
  6. I dont restrict myself to just vaping because i am still very young.. but i sure do love it.
  7. Whats a pax?

  8. A type of vaporizer.
  9. I used to have the same mindset but now that I vape a lot, I really feel the effects of smoking the day after. Tight chest, hawkin lugi's, and generally just don't feel 100%. With vapes I don't get any of that.
  10. Been hitting some sour diesel out of the Extreme Q vape for the past 2 hours, lol.

    I'm really high and about to crank the temp up for a nice knockout hit before bed.
  11. High there. :wave:

    I'm on my second trench right now. One of the few times I feel like using a lot.

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