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  1. Hi ,

    My name is Rogier , but people call me Roger :) ,I'm 18, I'm from Belgium ( weed is illegal down here :( ) and I smoke weed and shit on daily base!I aplogise for my bad English,if you don't understand the things I'm saying or I write something wrong , let me know!

    If there are other things you want to know , just ask here...

    Stay Chill,

  2. Welcome to The City, Roger!!!!

    Kick back and enjoy the craziness and knowledge that fills this place up!!!!!
  3. High Roger,

    Welcome to the city, and we will all do our best the let the language flops pass. Everybody seems to understand everybody around here.
  4. Roger... I was in Antwerpen in 2000... I loved it so much I want to call it home someday :D

    Remember Hans from france?

    Welcome love

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