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  1. are there any strain's that are known to produce more than others ??
  2. are there any cars that are known to go faster than others.
  3. wow ..and who said the Absolute Beginers Threads were never used ?
  4. it's just a mate had 34 cheese ( 6 wk veg - 9wk flower ) 2 x 600w hps and only got 11oz from it:mad:

    im lookin to get him a strain that will throw him more oz per plant, it was hardly worth him growing for 11oz?

    any input on what he may be doing wrong?
  5. big bud, or pure power plant
  6. 2 lber seeds need i say more
  7. It could be many things.
  8. like what?

    they were in veg for 6 wks under 2 x 200w envirolites 18/6 -- bio bizz nutes

    they were in flower for 9 wks under 2 x 600w hps 12/12 -- bio bloom nutes

    the grow room is 11ft x 8ft with a huge carbon filter i think its an 8 or 10 inch extractor fan.

    it was big buddha cheese he grew. they were grew in soil.

    any help will be appreciated:wave:
  9. Container size?
  10. 7 litre pots each plant
  11. use 5 gallon pots or bags
  12. i thought the bigger pots meant more room for the roots?
  13. I use 1 gallon pots in a hydro EnF for SoG.. I am thinking 7L isn't enough room at all, for soil.

    I never use under a 4 gallon pot for soil ( unless it is the first 1 gallon pots "everything" gets to go into for part/full veg, but never into bloom)

    seriously ,,,if your using that wattage, and have that many plants..it could be friggin "dirt weed seeds" and you should of gotten more yield. ( not gonna go into the potency issue with that ..cause genetics play a huge part there)..sorry :eek::(:confused:

    my .02
  14. 4 gallon pot? thats like 18 - 20 litres of soil per plant surely that cant be right.

    or am i too stoned to comprehend pot sizes lol

  15. The bigger the root system the bigger the plant. The plant can only get as big as the roots will allow. bigger plant, bigger yeld if all other factors are equal.

  16. he's just finished another crop 20 cheese same set up as before guess what he only got 11oz again WTF

    i thought theres 14 less plants so each plant should have gotten more light = higher yeild but no it was the same. im no expert but i thought cheese was a big yeilder + 11oz sounds crap to me from 20 girls
  17. im thinkin maybe he should buy new bulbs? because he got 18oz from 22 girls the time before that.
  18. Most seed banks will list estimated relative yields, but far more depends on the grower's skill.

    My average (some higher some lower but it averages out) is about 4 oz. per plant indoors, 2 if I do them when they are really little in a SOG.

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