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High whilst in school

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by squidastoner, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Went to class high every class last semester and finished with a 3.3 gpa, have not went to class high yet this semester and i have a 3.625 gpa. Do you go you class high sometimes? Can you focus?
  2. I usually just listen to my ipod if i go to school high haha
  3. As long as your interested in it.

    ex.I love biology and how life works and all that crap(baked every day in that class) vs hate math and everything about it so im not down for it if im baked. i still go, its just no fun.
  4. I went to class everyday high. And yea i focused fine. Weed doesn't effect my ability to do school work at all. Cept for maybe math and thats just because i get bored easily.
  5. I had a "non-western cultures" class with an awesome, smart teacher talking about ancient egypt and other ancient cultures... it was freakin' awesome. it was in the early morning, always blunted for that bitch.
  6. School is so much better for me high. I tried a firecracker for the first time today before school and it worked fantastically. I was super baked for like 7 hours
  7. I used to prefer to partake once the bell rings.
  8. Adderall. If you've never taken it, you wouldnt understand. I learned only on that shit. Math was cool for a little.
  9. Yes, I do it sometimes; yes, I can focus fine; but I'd rather take the weed and smoke it at home and chill.
  10. I love smoking before classes. College and weed seem to go together.
  11. Being baked at school is very hard to focus, but a great experience; especially if you smoke with a friend before school. Best of luck!

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