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  1. So, the other day, I came home and decided to smoke with my friend to pass a bit of time. I didn't eat anything from the time I woke up, so I was pretty in need of food. At this time, I hadn't smoked in around 2-3 months or so. We started smoking, all was going well, but it was weird because this was the first time I could really feel the smoke burn my throat, maybe because I'm not used to smoking out of a pipe? Feeling the smoke burn really started to make me cough. The last hit I took made me start to gag and feel like I was going to be sick for a bit, (we smoked probably around or just under a gram, and was probably there for about twenty minutes.) As we started to walk around, I could immediately feel it. It felt like it crept up on me, but didn't full on hit me. As I was walking, I felt really, really weird. It definitely wasn't like any other high I've been through. I got pretty extreme cottonmouth, made me lose feeling in the lower part of my face, (but I knew it was there because I could feel myself swallow and I had to feel it just to make sure  :p,) and I felt sick in a way because I remember telling myself I had to sit down a while. I know I was pretty gone because I would keep looking at my face and...it was just....baked. So, by the time we got back to my friend's house, which felt like an eternity lol, I immediately got myself water for the cottonmouth, and we went to go watch TV. When I was sitting on the couch, I felt pretty far gone...it is just indescribable how messed up I felt. The good part is, is that time was going by so slow, so I had a lot of time to enjoy it. After my past times, I always like to keep a timer going on my phone just to see how long the high is, it's just something I like to laugh at later. But we were high for about a good hour and a half. When I got home, I was so tired. My head was killing me and I still sounded and felt high. I guess it could have been a mental factor because some of my family friends were over and maybe I was thinking I was still high? I don't know. In the end, it left me with a major flipping headache and it knocked me out for a while. I slept great that night, and woke up pretty relaxed the next morning. It was an amazing experience, and I still have some left from my share! I just wanted answers to why I felt so messed up, because it definitely wasn't like anything I have felt before. Thanks everybody. (I posted a picture of the bud just to give you and idea of what it is, my friend didn't know)


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    Ummm I have a feeling it might be because that was the first time u really properly inhaled the smoke .... If ur not a frequent smoker ... When u smoke pot (especially after 2/3 months of not doing it) ur gunna cough and ur throats gunna feel pretty harsh ... I remember when I smoked my first time I didn't get high but my throat didn't hurt either ... Then the second time I really took a big inhale... My throat felt on fire and I coughed for like 5 minutes ... And that was when I got super stoned for the first time ..., It takes a while to get used to inahaling smoke and not coughing when u inhale ...
  3. [quote name="thaguy420" post="19343618" timestamp="1389767730"]I didn't eat anything from the time I woke up, so I was pretty in need of food. At this time, I hadn't smoked in around 2-3 months or so. [/quote]Inb4 I stop reading after thisLow blood sugar and no tolerance.I dont know if this is true but whenever my weed cherries nicely and crackles a bit, I do seem to get higher? Same with it stinging my throatIs the nice cherry in the bowl and the rice crispy sounding weed a sign of quality bud?
  4. Idk man my highs are different than last year i can tell the difference honestly

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