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Discussion in 'General' started by Blix, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. Is anyone else pissed off at the direction High Times is taking?
    It's a fucking fashion magazine. I buy High Times to read
    about pot, not to look at the pretty pictures of models; unless
    they're holding a bud.

    Political stuff I can take. But for Gods sake, have a few
    articles about pot. It's a brand new editorial position to try to
    get away from pot. Fuck them, I'll go buy a copy of
    Cannabis Culture.
  2. i dont read any pot mags, but thats does seem stupid to me
  3. why even have the magazine anymore if its not about pot? How the hell are they going to have a magazine called High Times and not even have anything about pot in it?
  4. I haven't liked High Times in a while. The articles got boring, and were smothered by legal bud ads. I got a few issues of 'Heads' and 'Weed World' from a friend, and I prefered those, especially Heads.
  5. I was pissed at first too, but then I heard they were making a whole new magazine...containing 100% Cannabis related material. It goes into circulation in a few months, so theres no need to worry:) If this new mag is good, it could be even better than before.
  6. i stick with cannabis culture, the fact that its published in Vancouver BC means the info i get is much mroe relevant. i likes it :D

    high times was cool though... i mean what stoned doesnt have High Times posters all over their walls in atleast one room??

  7. They shoulda done it the other way around. All the pot stuff
    in High Times and just start another mag with all this fashion
    shit and other stuff. I want my High Times back.

    Anyway, I read Cannabis Culture and Heads too, so I'm not
    really missing out on much, but I hate editorial changes in
    established magazines that I like.

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