High Times' Steve Bloom: Help NORML's Media Efforts!

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  1. High Times' Steve Bloom: Help NORML's Media Efforts!

    Dear NORML Supporter,

    As Senior Editor for High Times Magazine, I know how important and
    difficult it is to get marijuana-related news items covered in the
    mainstream media. For over 30 years, NORML has been the media's most
    trusted source for accurate information about marijuana and marijuana
    policy. NORML's staff, directors, and affiliates remain the most widely
    quoted and published experts on marijuana law reform today - often
    answering dozens of media requests every week.

    Will you please consider making a timely donation to support NORML's
    efforts to keep marijuana reform issues in the media?

    For example, just this week, NORML's senior policy analyst, Paul
    Armentano, in a syndicated column commissioned by the Ludwig Von Mises
    Institute revealed how the federally funded D.A.R.E. program has become
    its own special interest group – aggressively lobbying state and federal
    governments to maintain its swelling budget – despite two decades of
    abysmal results. Read the full story at:

    Even now, we can not forget about "America's longest running war," the war
    on marijuana smokers. Despite these difficult times for championing a
    public-interest cause in the mainstream media, NORML still manages to make
    headlines on a regular basis. That's because the information we provide
    is trustworthy and timely. Journalists continually rely on NORML to
    provide important facts, statements, and referrals.

    Some of NORML's recent coverage includes:

    March 25, 2003: Missouri NORML head Dan Viets speaks in favor of
    Proposition 1 to decriminalize marijuana possession in Columbia Daily
    Tribune. Read the full story at:

    March 19: Mother Jones runs commentary applauding NORML's expose of the
    Drug Czar's bogus budget in "The War on Drug Money." Read the full story

    March 13, 2003: NORML's Executive Director Keith Stroup touts this year as
    the busiest ever for marijuana reform legislation in the Austin Chronicle.
    Read more at:

    March 4, 2003: NORML Senior Policy Analyst Paul Armentano deconstructs the
    drug czar's "fuzzy math" for the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Read the
    commentary at:

    February 25, 2003: NORML Foundation's Executive Director Allen St. Pierre
    explains the conflict between state and federal laws in the wake of the Ed
    Rosenthal verdict in the Christian Science Monitor. Read the full article

    February 24, 2003: NORML Executive Director Keith Stroup responds to the
    DEA's confiscation of drug paraphernalia in Business Week. Read this
    article at:

    February 22, 2003: NORML Advisory Board member and former NFL star Mark
    Stepnoski "comes out" to the Associated Press in support of marijuana law
    reform. Read coverage of this story at:

    February 6, 2003: NORML Senior Policy Analyst exposes the myths behind
    marijuana and "addiction" in syndicated UPI column "Outside view: Putting
    pot in perspective," for United Press International. Read it at:

    And these are just some of the appearances NORML has made within the past
    few months. Many of you have probably also seen NORML representatives
    recently appear on several influential television shows, such as ESPN's
    "Outside the Lines", CNN's "Crossfire", and Fox News Channel's "The
    O'Reilly Factor" (all of which can be found in NORML's transcripts section
    http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=5483). This coverage would not
    have been possible if it weren't for your support and the support of our

    - Please help if you can -
    A donation of $50 would greatly help to ensure that NORML's message - Stop
    Arresting Responsible Marijuana Smokers - continues to get adequate
    coverage in the mainstream media. Please consider making a donation, of
    any amount, now at http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=5481 to help us
    spread this important message. And don't forget to frequently visit the
    "NORML in the Media" section of the organization's website to see how your
    contribution is making a difference.

    Thanks in advance for supporting NORML in its efforts to help people like
    you and me.


    Steve Bloom
    Senior Editor
    High Times Magazine

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