HIGH TIMES Presents: Coffeeshop Confidential

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5ZNLnSekTw]YouTube - COFFEESHOP CONFIDENTIAL[/ame]

    If you love weed, odds are you've fantasized about moving to Amsterdam and working at a coffeeshop. Well this Spring, HIGH TIMES Senior Editor Bobby Black got to live out that fantasy when he spent a week working at two of Holland's coolest smoke spots-Amnesia and Barney's. In this unprecedented exposé, he'll take you behind the smoke and mirrors to reveal first-hand what it's really like to work in a Dutch coffeeshop. You don't want to miss this one!

    Read 'Coffeeshop Confidential' in the October 2009 Issue of HIGH TIMES Magazine
  2. That's so cool!
  3. very cool stuff... thanx for posting :D
  4. very cool video. i had no idea that the runners ahd to be secretive, would you happen to know why SJ?
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    i can help you with what I think I know. I plan to go to Amsterdam many times in my life, and there are still over 200 shops left today. Please keep in mind that selling weed in a coffeeshop is VERYVERY tolerated or shall I see even legal, because of the front door policy which pretty much states what I just said. That being the backdoor policy, which is shop owners buying there supply, is currently illegal, even tho it's tolerated, (as stated above). So, you guys think thats stupid right? It is stupid, and thats why there has been discussions in the 3 parties of the neatherlands to legal weed so that coffeeshops can get there weed legally. Sad to say tho, if that were to happen the thc on the bud, would probaly decrease as it has in the last few years to dutch weed. Don't get me wrong tho still some of the best shit in the world, if not the best stuff in the world. Come to Amsterdam, toke up, have a good time, and enjoy the american dream
  6. I lol'd when I read Amnesia and Barney's, because I remember going to Barney's and I'm trying to remember if I went to Amnesia. I guess the name is appropriate.

    Very cool article and that guy is very lucky.
  7. lool, that's crazy, i stumbled across this video as a response to the how weed won the west trailer, and come here and see it posted

    i enjoyed watching it though, good find
  8. That video made me happy :D
  9. I just thought coffee-shops had special permission to have a large weed storage, but if they can only have 500 grams at a time, I really dedicate this joint to all the runners and their hard work :smoking:
  10. Amsterdam is fucking chill. We tripped shrooms we got at a store and walked around the park and the streets and stuff. Its great, everyone is hanging out on the grass smoking joints and a guy had a guitar and was playing some Bob Marley. I have to say that the Colorado Medical Marijuana scene is more exciting though.
  11. Where can i apply for that runners job?
    i would orgasm holding those huge bags
  12. I want that job.

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