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High then drunk or drunk then high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pimpinatatl1, May 7, 2011.

  1. Simple question which order do you prefer. Getting high then drunk or drunk then high. Personally i like getting high then drunk. WBU
  2. Whoa, deja Vu...I could have sworn I saw this exact thread 10 minutes ago.
  3. Mary Jane doesn't need any partners, getting high is enough. :smoke:

  4. fa sho
  5. Beer before grass and you're on your ass.

    Weed then beer and you're in the clear.
  6. I prefer drunk then high cause you get much more fucked up. You gotta be carefull though not to drink too much before smoking. I've greened out a lot of times but when you get it right it's the best.
  7. I like getting high, then getting high some more...
  8. High then drunk, then when coming down, smoke another bowl
  9. Drunk then high.....ohhhh whatttaa body free falllllin.
  10. well, drunk lasts much longer than high, muchhh longer. so its definitely drink before smoking. if i smoke first theres no point b.c by the time im feeling a little tipsy im no longer flyin high. i also never get shit faced drunk b.c that just isnt fun imo.

    also you need much less weed to start to feel the effects once your already drinking. for example 5 people on a blunt sucks when your sober but if everyone has been drinking then theres no problems. all you need is those few hits to start feeling good
  11. you gotta get high first man, if not the dizzy feeling from the drunk will not mix well with the high, but vice versa it doesnt matter.
  12. I prefer one or the other. I don't like mixing different drugs. If I ever do both it's a little of each. Just a small bowl and a 1 beer or glass of whatever.
  13. High then drunk

    I usually don't drink until night
    and I'm getting high all day anyway

    An option should be: High then high then high then drunk then high
  14. Doesn't matter to me. I find often that if I've been smoking through out the day, drinking at night only makes me more tired. To remedy that, I usually have coffee before I go out for fun/partying. At the very end of the night, I like to smoke because that will decrease my chance, if not eliminate my hangover the next day.
  15. [quote name='"Tha Come Up"']Drunk then high.....ohhhh whatttaa body free falllllin.[
  16. Vaped about .5 grams last night with 4 shots of Tequila.

    Uncoordinated as a mofo.
  17. The best is one or the other tbh, i'm not a fan of mixing both but if were too..
    High before drunk! trust otherwise it has a lot more chance of fucking you up, in my experience anyway aha!
    then when you're getting to the hangover stage, smoke some more :)

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