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  1. Stoned and fuzzy.. Reflecting back on something I watched on tv about a vegan and animal rights activist and a hunter living together earlier Im thinking, Vegans.
    As a Meat eater Im not really bothered by Vegans although I have noticed something, well a few things in particular before watching this.

    They look pale and washed out. They seem to have more health issues as Meat eaters. One thing that has always stuck out is their ignorance. Their fcked up ways of trying to shove their lifestyle down others throats and somehow Meat eaters are inferior. Why is this?
    Lack of Meat a cause of ignorance.....?
  2. Lol at the hypocrisy in the OP. 
  4. I just got that in the OP you down talk vegans for looking funny and having "poor health" and then proceed to say you hate how they make meat eaters look inferior? 
    Don't get me wrong I love chicken , steak and all the like but the OP came off as rather brash. It seemed like more of a complaint instead of an actual topic left for discussion. 
  5. Im not down talking them. And if some see that I am then Ok know this , I dont have anything against Vegans I have friends who are Vegan BUT..
    Its FACT that they have more health issues than Meat eaters.
    I did NOT say that ALL of them are ignorant, although alot of them are (Meat eaters too!)

    See I was embarrasingly harrassed publicly by a Vegan and animal rights activist group earlier on during the day when I first posted this. Why? Over a fckng steak and cheese pie! They followed me and screamed MURDERER for 20 mins straight. I could have easily turned around and flogged the fck out of the ringleader (which im kickin myself now for not doing it) but I managed to let it go. Then as i stated I had been watching something that night, I saw and heard the same shit I had copped earlier on that day. I was ranting. However, if i wanted to down talk here about Vegans then BELIEVE ME I would make sure the whole of GC sees it. Its ALL OUT or OUT. Anyway, apologies. Will choose wording carefully in future.
  6. No WORRIES dude :wave: 
  7. :laughing:

    its ok op, most vegans ive met piss me off too
  8. LOL careful now dont wanna step on some thuggish vegan toes
  9. i really dont understand who the fuck all these chucklefuck vegans and vegetarians are that are going around shouting their lifestyle from the top of their lungs
    there's a difference if you're out with friends at say a restaurant n they suggest you have the filet mignon and you say "i'm actually a vegetarian so i cant". i mean at that point, uh yeah you should probably say something. im just wondering where all these people are coming from randomly informing others that they're vegetarian/vegan cause i sure as fuck dont see them and i personally keep my mouth shut til circumstances no longer allow me to (i.e. the restaurant incident or when i see people bashing, which seems to be what's happening here in a not-as-subtle-as-you-think way
    the whole shoving their beliefs down people's throats are imo for those radical dildos only that are in almost every single fucking "group" of people out there. same with radical meat supporters that are like SHOVEBACONUPMYASSLOL
    im high and pale n think i covered about 45% of what i wanted to but y0L0
  10. I know one vegan and he's a pretty cool dude and is actually really nice and funny. So just because it's some, doesn't mean all are bad.
    It's like saying "I hate Muslims because they're all a bunch of religious radicals" when in fact that is not true and is a derogatory categorization of an entire populace.  
  12. most, i said most. i hate pulling the "my best friend card" but my best bud since middle school is a vegan, nicest guy you would ever meet, kinda annoying with his spirituality bs but thats him and i luv him. i never even said they were bad lol.. just the majority annoy the hell out of me, most i have interacted with have an arrogant and pompous attitude that i don't jive with.. that is all.
    I hate it when anyone tries to force their views onto me when I am in no way interested so I can see that side of the concept. Don't get me started on people who love throwing religion in your face. I just got a huge facebook message from my Auntie in HI. "(waxpayne) you don't believe in God? You don't want to be in the Kingdom with the rest of the family?" ...."No Auntie but I love you " 
  14. some hot dogs i made for my best bud cause he was throwing up drunk and refused to eat anything else
    im still high
  15. That's a lot. Is he a skinny Asian?

    "what is a bunny of fish?" - Christopher Brown
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    It's called prejudice my friend.
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    It's ok hun don't worry about it! Just saying ya know. Some people think of it that way (not saying you were).
    Those Nathan's ? you need one of these : 
    These make the best hot dogs for sure. 

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